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Hi folks,
I have built an effects VST plugin which. Something similar is running on an electro smith daisy.
I have also been coding a synthesizer. For a VST instrument I like to keep the synth simple and load up a few instances. Making a plugin with multiple oscillators or pannable timbres seems a bit pointless if the DAW can do that and hopefully take care of threading each sound in a smart way. Similarly I have considered putting all the effects into the synth , apart from the work involved I wonder if the audio thread will keep up with all the processing in one buffer and I assume say the buffer size would have to be made larger. I am a jazz musician interested in timing and envelopes and jitter. I want to build something with a minimal interface and great sounding presets. The synth is being built on my macbook pro and I havent tried to optimise much at this point. I wondered what Zynthian could do for it. Sorry a rambling post without much of a specific question but hey this isn’t stack exchange is it? How much will the new one cost ? I have seen other ways of building the thing. Its all written in JUCE as well as the Daisy SP . I think I might want something cheaper with just a couple of knobs and a really great sounding optimised DAC . Any thoughts here ? This thing looks fun and it might be nice to use some of the other Zynthian releases of sampled pianos etc. Sean Wayland

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some random answers to questions I perceived in your ramble:

You can try out Zynthian with just a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 with a touchscreen and soundcard.

I don’t know to what extent the Juce and DaisySP calls will ‘just work’ on Zynthian.

You don’t even need a touchscreen. A HDMI monitor and mouse / keyboard would also work.

Zynthian does not support VST plugins. You would have to compile a LV2 plugin for 32-bit arm to run it on Zynthian.

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