Zynthian V2: Encoders not working


First message here, so hello community :slight_smile:, and congrats to the team for this exciting project.

I bought the V2 kit some time ago, assembled it and encountered a problem with the encoders. It was February then, I intended to post on this board but didn’t do it, and now it’s September – more than time to try to solve this issue, my Deluge is craving for a multitimbral companion! :slight_smile:

The issue is the following: soldering looks good, assembly too, the Zynthian is starting when I plug it in, I see the UI and the touch screen seems to work, but none of the encoders are responding. Again, the assembly and soldering look good.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

Send pics!

Hi @JeremyG!
What SD-image are you using? It’s updated to the last?
Could you send some photos of your encoders and AllInOne circuit?
Also, send a screenshot of the webconf tool dashboard …


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Hello! The same for me: touch screen OK but none of the controllers/encders responding.

The hardware seems OK but exist a software to check the hardware functionality??

However I’ll try to download Zythian image and format SD and reinstall another time.

Hi @ANK73!

We need more info about your problem:

  • First of all … did you configured your kit version (or wiring layout, etc.) from the webconf tool?

  • About your zynthian: kit version, customization (if any), etc.

  • What SD image are you using? Is it updated?

  • A screenshot of the webconf’s dashboard

Any other related/interesting info …


BTW, did you read the wiki’s tutorial?


Specially this part:

If you are using the Aruk RC-3 SD image (you should!), you will note that the controllers are not working at all. This SD image is pre-configured for working with the kit v2, so you need to configure the software for working with the kit v3.