Zynthian V5

Hi all,
I built a Zynthian new V5 this evening. I started around 8pm and it’s 1230am.
with a flashed SD card inserted when I power on the unit the screen flickers very briefly that’s it. Perhaps one or 2 of the ribbon cables were damaged.
Not sure what to do next.
Does anyone provide the service to build these things?
Once they introduced “soldering class” I dropped out of electrical engineering and became a jazz musician. It was never my thing although did used to solder my rhodes pickups. This was much smaller and fiddlier and time consuming.

Have you thought of dismantling the Zynthian again and starting from the beginning? The ribbon cables can be a bit tricky, but with patence it worked for me very well.

Hi @seanwayland !

This ribbon cable seem to be totally broken. Don’t try to use it.

We have 3 options here:

  1. I send you a replacement and you try to finish the work by yourself.
  2. You send me the unit and i will finish and test eveything for you. You only pay for the shipping costs.
  3. You return the V5 kit and we refund you.

Option 1 is faster and better, but it seems you didn’t feel right building the V5 kit. I really think it’s super-easy and most of people that tried think almost the same.

Although the building guide is the primary source, did you take a deep look to these video-tutorials?

They are pretty clear and detailed. You only need to be relaxed and patient. No need to finish in a single session. Remember the “general advice” words from the wiki’s building guide:

  • Read and follow carefully the assembling instructions. Don’t ignore any guidance or recommendations. We are quite lazybones, so we should have had some important reason to write them.

  • Use the browser’s zoom for magnifying the details in the pictures. They have good resolution and will allow you to see all details you need.

  • Prepare the working space and the needed tools. A clean 120 x 60 cm table will be big enough. More is always welcome. Less is not recommended. Remove all stuff you don’t need from the surface and prepare the tools you will need.

  • Ensure you have good lighting in the working area. Having good lightning will ease delicate operations, especially those involving smaller parts.

  • Please, be extremely delicate when manipulating the flat cable connectors (FPC). They are the weakest parts and can be easily broken. Look carefully at the photos/videos and proceed just in the way we recommend. Use 2 hands, one finger from each hand. Avoid manipulating the connectors with a single hand or finger and don’t use any tool for this.

  • Don’t be impatient. If you have doubts or you don’t know how to go on, please, stop assembling and ask in the forum or send an email to support@zynthian.org. It’s better to wait some hours to get an answer than waiting for days/weeks to get a replacement part.

  • Keep your hands clean so you can enjoy a nice unit after finishing.

DON’T USE FORCE! NEVER! Some parts are really delicate, especially flat cable connectors (FPC), and you can easily break something if you are brute. Assembling the V5 unit is not difficult at all, but it’s a clock-maker work. A beginners one that almost everyone can do, but clock-maker’s task anyway. If you are not very used to manipulate this kind of stuff, please, proceed slowly. Thinking twice will let you build it once.

If you had trouble, I’m pretty sure you forgot some of these points while building :wink:

Anyway, you can choose any of the 3 options and i will be totally OK with any of them. Up to you!

All the best!


On second look, the ribbon calble does look defect.

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One reason why things went astray is ribbons were inserted incorrectly .

These instructions are poor :

4.3 Plug the flat ribbon cable into the control board

3. Insert the ribbon cable into the FPC connector. It must be inserted straight, with the blue side face down.

The thing about this ribbon cable is that it has TWO “blue sides” each on opposite sides of the cable.

I think I had this cable backwards as well as the video cable on opening it up.


The cable, obviously, is reversible. Don’t matter what blue side you choose.



How can I run Raspberry Pi5 RAM 8 GB and V3 Kit PCM 5102 Hypyberry DAC 3.5 inch/7 inch LCD/Waveshare HDMI GPIO LCD, using OS Zynthian V5 please help without V5 control panel

Hi @tedy you just have to flash the latest Zynthian image on a new sd card and configure it with webconf tool.


ok thanks for your respons

After I returned the unit it has been held in customs in Spain since sept 21 . A month now. There isn’t anything I can do because Spanish customs wants the “receiver” ( Zynthian.org ) to provide paperwork. I dont speak Spanish and live in a different time zone. I have been finding the Zynthian company very hard to reach via email . Pretty frustrated.

That’s probably because @jofemodo is on vacation with his family. Hopefully he can chime in here or maybe even communicate with customs from where he is currently…

Oh, and have you tried the email within this forum? That worked for me a few days ago.

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Hi @seanwayland !

As I tried to explain to you by email, I can’t do nothing without an invoice. I know it’s absurd, but so customs are. You didn’t specify in the package customs declaration it was a returned product nor a gift, so they asume is an import and want an invoice. We are forced to lie and you must invent an invoice, simulating you are selling us the unit, we will pay the taxes and luckily the unit will reach to us. Really stupid, I know.

I’m traveling from Paris to Reus in my van, returning from my family holidays. Monday I will be at work and we will try to solve this mess. Please, send us an invoice with our data:

Susanna Fort
Cami de Rubio 36
43206, Reus
VAT number: 39901798H

The price could be something like 50USD.


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Sent the invoice 10 days ago 5 minutes after Suzanne asked then no response

Send it again, please

here it is thanks

Inv_4005_from_Sean_Wayland_17824.pdf (62.4 KB)

Hi Joefemodod Please confirm reciept of the invoice thanks. We opened a case with USPS this was their response its in your hands. Best Sean

Dear Echo Shen,

Thank you for taking the time to notify us of your experience. Your USPS® Service Parcel CJ150107719US Case OL6809506

Spain responded to our level 1 request providing updated information as follows:

Dear Colleagues: this item was held by customs upon arrival in our OE, the addressee must follow the import procedures in order for the item to be processed and delivered. Customs issues and regulations are outside control of postal administration. Addressee may contact customs through:
ADDRESS: C/ Alfa s/n Centro Carga Aérea Aeropuerto Barajas 28042 Madrid
PHONE: 91 660 24 54
WEB https://www.correosaduanas.es/
Best regards, Silvia.

I encourage you to please share this information with the recipient. It is best if the recipient responds to this action item ASAP so that the item does not go unclaimed and is returned to the sender.

Please accept our sincerest apology for any trouble this may have caused you. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Feel free to sign up for text or email tracking updates by going to https://www.usps.comand entering your tracking number, or by texting your tracking number to 28777.



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Any news here ?

Yes. We paid the import taxes and now we are awaiting for the package.


Fantastic thank you please send me an invoice for the import taxes.

I do wonder if I will cope with the latency on the zynthian if I ever get my waylosynth running on it. Spoiled by the RME interface running at 96khz on the m2 mac.
It would really beat setting up a computer if it works