Zynthian + Vintage Keyboard build (AIO)

This project started as a refurbishment of a previous diy-build but wich only was a midikeyboard (recased). Time decided that it was time for a update. Presenting “Plink Plonk MKII”, as we live in Sweden we like to remind the world about our lord and saviour: Ingvar Kamprad - creator of IKEA
Hence the ikea:n design and naming…

It runs a headless zynthian on rpi4 with a 6$ usb audiocard, no screen or controllers, just a configured default snapshot with rhodes samplelibrary (a not so fun/cool zynthian usage, sorry). In the future I might add a few midi-knobs (teensybuild) to control some parameters like vibrato and other FXs.

More pictures and soundsamples to come!


Nice. How did you connect the keys to MIDI?

I give a damn about sound samples. but I like internal pictures…

I suspect that’s don’t between ‘I’ and ‘give’ for a proper colloquial rendition. Althou’ your version works as well, grammatically it actually says the opposite… :smiley: It’s a fairly strange language … :smiley:

I’d love to see internal pictures as well!! Are you building a zynth in and not even a volume control …?

So i havent connected the actual rpi, waiting a bit for the rpi 4. The keyboard is an old casio-like keyboard wich we striped of case and unnecessary parts, then a simple DIN midi to usb-adapter from the keyboard to the rpi, cant provide sounds yet but here comes a shot under the hood

Cablemanagement is planned heh.
Over all got a very garagey vibe

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And how do you plan to split the power?

I dont quite understand your first sentence,
But yes, it will be a zynthian-build. Might add more knobs and a display. Not sure yet tho

Hehe, simplest and probably safest would be to just mount a simple walloutlet inside and connect the keyboard and rpi thru that. Ventilation is planned aswell

Don’t worry it was a grammar discussion with @mheidt

I see. The volume knob is connected between the audiooutput (usbsoundcard) and the 6.3mm output on the back, so its purely analogue

If you do mount power supplies in side the case it’s a good idea to do so so that the CE on the power supplies are visible. Equipment without such things visible will fall foul of an increasing number of locations… Just an observation from someone who has had kit refused on a trade show for such infringements…

Ah! Good observations, iv constructed a servicehatch witch is easily opened. Allt things inside are visible

Hi @Lemonmale!

I splited the thread. I think it’s better like this. Please, feel free to change the title :wink:


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