Zynthian w/ 5in screen & encoders on mcp23017


Finished my build. Features:

Most of the documentation exists here:

Demo here, and before you play it, I chose the absolute worst instrument for the ‘Take 5’ demo, sorry:

Assembly photos for the curious:

Starting my zynthian build: alternative LCD, DAC, encoders
Success Cases

Nice mounting, @beckdac! Congratulations!!

Is it working OK? What about the sound?
Probably you want to increase the font size in UI. You can do it from the webconf tool :wink:



Works great. Encoder demo here:

Sounds is great too.

I don’t actually own a midi keyboard and I’ve been experimenting with my own teensy, atmega32u4, and joy2midi controllers for generating midi signals. Preview of one of the prototype controllers using a teensy 3.2 and a couple of mcp23017 (not shown is the sd card and oled display):

I’m cruising eBay for a relatively inexpensive midi keyboard too but haven’t managed to win anything.