Zynthian with 3rd party devices

Ha, thank you, that was the right tip. Great!

My question concerning to play are nearly answered.
I want to build a keysplit using webconf filter-router-option.
I’ve read the examples, but I do not know, what’s to do. Is there an edit window anywhere?

Are there examples that show me what I have to do and how I recall that in a zynthian-layer?

Thanx a lot!

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Now I have found how to formulate Midi filter rules and I can call them under Admin/Midi Profile.

But wouldn’t this feature imho be better under snapshot?
Sometimes I like to have a keysplit and sometimes not.
What can I do?

Did you try to save it? We are saving the profile in the snapshot

Yes, of course, but I think I do anything wrong.

I define the rules under Interface/Midi Options/Adcanced View/Midi filter rules. For example a KeySplit. (Split 1)

When I build my snapshots with 2 layers (Piano Ch1, Strings Ch2).
I load that rule (Split 1) under Admin/Midi Options.

Than I save my snapshot.
Now I can play Ch1 Sound at the discant, but nothing in the base.

I’ve checked, that layer2 (Strings) is Ch2.

Update: I can hear both (Ch1 +Ch2) but only using the rule that last called in Midi Options

Hi @mheidt, @Micki !

This feature is not implemented yet, although it will be very soon. I already started the implementation but then summer holidays took my attention to other things :relaxed:

I will finish ASAP :wink:

You can follow the task status in our task tracker, in the “Work in progress” column:

There are 2 tasks related:


Thanks, that will be wonderful

Who put this sound module here?dac-pcm5102-i2s-p5-32bit384khz-raspberry-pi

Will it work on Zunthian?

It appears to be a clone of the HiFiBerry DAC+, so I’d expect it to. It doesn’t have the pass through pins for GPIO which means it’s going to be a faff if you want to use the zynscreen.

That’s the card I use with a 2 way splitter. You can also attach a 3 pin connector to wire an audio out to your case.

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the chips are the same, if you look at the datasheet, then the contacts can be found and connected.