Zynthian with 3rd party devices

Hi Zythianiacs,
I try to build a zynthian with a Raspi 3B+, a Behriger UCA 222, a 5" Display (GPIO/HDMI), without Encoders (Dummies) and with a rapoo-Mouse and Keysonic Keyboard.
I am using the zynthian_gorgona_omega_rbpi3_kitv2-2018-04-03.

After tweaking the hardware in the webconf tool and launching the system my display is blinking and asking for logIn. How can I stop the blinking, because I can´t finish this step?

I tried to use ssd, but I do not know, how to start zynthian via ssd. Perhaps there is a tutorial or so?


Hi Norbert,
as explained you will find tzhe solution in this thread.

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It can be multiple USB DEVICES…
some say power supply others differ… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I tried to start the vncserver.
Now I have a new terminal and I can insert my logIn.


And so I need a tutorial or a manual for the next steps.

Hi Roman,
I tried the vncserver. I think, it´s the same !?

Hi wyleu,
I use an ipad-usb-device with 10W (5V/2A).
Isn´t it enough?

I would say the general feeling is a little bit more (3A) is better . . .
But the UI-log is a great place to get an idea of how well the machine is working…

Point your browser at zynthian.local or the ip address. the zynthian does try pretty hard to tell you the ip address it thinks it’s on.


There is a page where you find how to start the ui from the console