Zynthian with 5 inch hdmi screen and pi3a+?

Hey everybody!
I love the zynthian project and would like to build one, love the official stuff and looks really good but I already got a raspberry pi 3a+ and a hdmi 5 inch screen laying around. Are there any finished projects with these components or any starting points? Is the screen compatible?

Thank you!

Screenshot 2023-01-17 095219

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Have a look at the suggestions in the wiki Zynthian Box Building - ZynthianWiki and the alternative hardware.

Hi @pharaoh !

Nice to know you will build your own zynthian unit!! Brave!!
My 2 cents: Although Zynthian will run with RBPi3, you be warned that some of the best engines won’t run smoothly on it:

  • Pianoteq
  • OBXd
  • Surge
  • etc.

If you really want to enjoy these engines with zynthian, you should consider upgrading to RBPi4.

All the best!