Zynthian with audioinjector and no Midi

I have a raspbi and an audioinjector board lying about so i figured I make use of them. I modified the all in one board and removed the midi connectors since my keyboard has a USB Midi connection anyway.

Are there any port issues with using the all in one boards MCP23017 and the audioinjector?

Attached my layouts, if somebody could have glance at them I’d be happy.

Is the PEC11R-4020F-S0024 compatible to the ALPS EC11 footprint currently on the zynthian_controller_single2 board? I could check but maybe knows from the top of their head :slight_smile:

zynthian-hw.zip (1.3 MB)

I have several audioinjectors running. With mcp23017, mcp23008…no problems

Currently we mount PEC11R-4215K-S0024, so i suppose it’s perfectly compatible :wink:

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