@Zynthianers, you are a fantastic community!

I’m very proud of having started all this … :blush:

The best!


About the influence of Covid19 on Zynthianers activity… :wink:

This calls for a drink!!


This leads me to the question I asked myself a few days ago… and as I was totally unable to give myself an answer, I pretended not hearing the question…
How big is the stage capacity of Zynthian Discourse ? Because many people upload photos, sound clips, vidéos sometimes… Knowing how good some people are, concerning modern technologies, I would not be that much surprised if one would, one day, upload a fully functional hologram of his newly built Zynthian…
And this, of course, means a few bytes of storage…

Have a nice day…

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A hologram sounds pretty cool…as long as you leave enough room for Jofemodo’s beer !!

Ah ah… How many GB is she ?

This german white beer should be about 5,5 Gig.
Personnally I only drink belgian beer, mostly Big Data Files like Duvel, Orval or Rochefort :heart_eyes:

(I believe I am as much igorant in beer as I am in coding…)

At least we have the coding part in common :wink:

Lets marry…

Oooops !!
Please forget…

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Ah merci Thierry !
Let me think about it while I drink my little aperitif. .

This is what I call ‘live streaming’!

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