ZynthianOS "Buster" SD Image: Next Release

Hi @zynthianers!

We are really close to have a stable Buster SD image, with all the latest functionality and no serious issues. The latest build from tonight is a strong candidate for RC-2:

Please, test it and if no serious bugs are detected, a will rename it to RC-2.

We should use this thread for discussing & notifying problems with latest images until we have an official release.

Thanks for helping with this!


OK @guys!

Mr Monterosso already found a “serious” issue:

… so this image won’t be the RC-2.

The problem is already fixed, so perhaps tomorrows one … :wink:

Anyway, keep testing 2020-03-08 image until we have a better one (tomorrow?)



snapshots do not load fully, neither old nor newly created… only engines, no settings…

Could you verify if it affects to all engines?
What engines have you been using in your snapshots?
Please, test with Dexed, Raffo, and other LV2 engines too…


Try now! It should be solved …


Is that what you meant by “not fully loaded”? It loads the engines, but not the presets?

and most of the time when this happens to me, I saved the snapshot too early when still being on preset-preload mode.


OK! This is the latest nightly build:


Test … and cross fingers :wink:

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@Roma, it works perfectly for me. Can somebody confirm the Roma’s problem?

Not working… the previous situation was repeated…

I currently continue to use “2019-09-24-zynthianos-buster-lite-1.0.0”, it loading snapshots normaly, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the rtpmidi function…

I think problem with LinuxSampler, if more than one instance of the engine is loaded…

I checked, using only FluidSynth instances . Snapshots are saved and loaded normally.

Sorry @Roma,

I can’t reproduce your problem. For me it’s working like a charm, including several Linuxsampler layers in the same snapshot.

Regarding the 2019-09-24-zynthianos-buster you are using, you can update to get the RTP-MIDI functionality, my friend.


jofemodo, I love your project, thank you!!

additional test…

I added several instances of LinuxSampler, saved and successfully uploaded the snapshot.

After that, I added The Mverb plugin to one Linuxsampler channel and the snapshot could not load properly.

I deleted the MVerb line via the web interface and saved the snapshot. Snapshot loaded normally…

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Hi @Roma!

Please, could you attach the snapshot?


008.zss (20.0 KB) 006.zss (18.6 KB)

006 - without MVerb
008 - with MVerb…

ps: when I add Dexed track - crash…

Fantastic! I think i hunted the “bug” … update and try now :wink:


I now owe you another demo track :heart_eyes: :dancer: :laughing: