ZynthianOS "Buster" SD Image: Next Release

008.zss (20.0 KB) 006.zss (18.6 KB)

006 - without MVerb
008 - with MVerb…

ps: when I add Dexed track - crash…

Fantastic! I think i hunted the “bug” … update and try now :wink:


I now owe you another demo track :heart_eyes: :dancer: :laughing:


:pray: :face_with_monocle: :rofl:

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We have a new green build:


We are really close now …


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“Monsieur The Actor” by Roman Generalov

Sounds - Zynthian, mixing - Cubase…


Is that all … ? :smiley:

Quite how you managed to pack so much into 1:32 is amazing! I have to say it’s incredible when you think of what has contributed to all this and now!

Obviously we would love to now what’s on the engines…?

and on a thread of the new Image…

Worthy of releasing the hounds among the populous your Jofeness… ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @Roma!

How did you generate this mp3? I can’t play it on my firefox …


OK! I download the track and play with Audacious … it’s a really fantastic piece!! Congratulations … and thanks a lot!!

I just added the track to the Wiki’s Audio Demos!!

Waiting for the layer structure/snapshot :wink:



I uploaded the mp3 file again… sorry…

сh01 - Bass - Dexed>ROM3A/18__FRETLESS_1
ch02 - Brass 1 - LS>SFZ/Synths/Rich + MDA Detune
ch03 - Brass 2 - ZY>Brass/Analog Brass 4
ch04 - Orch Hit - FS>FluidR3 GM/Orchestra Hit
ch05 - Pad - ZY>Brass/Fat Brass
ch06 - Lead - FS>TimGM6mb/Pan Flute + MVerb

ch10 - Kick - LS>SFZ/Drum Machines/Kawai R50
ch11 - Snare - LS>SFZ/Drum Machines/SP 12 + MVerb
ch12 - Toms&Crashs - Fluid Drums
ch13 - Percussion - LS>SFZ/Drums/gmkit/gmkit

add - percussion loop, mixing (eq, comp, delay…) - Сubase…

Monsieur The Actor by Roman Generalov.zss (39.8 KB)


That’s a fair old range of engines you’ve covered there. How do you preview the sounds when you choose them?

:blush: :thinking:

[quote=“Roma, post:30, topic:3894”]

The peasantry can be unsettled when such excitement occurs . . .

They need reminding for their own good . . . :pouting_cat:

intuitively, selecting the combination of timbres…

How good is the GUI for that?

I’m comfortable, I quickly get used to any interface…

zynthian, in this sense, is a magic box that sends me back to the past on the waves of my memory… in good sense :upside_down_face:


You’ve not seem some of mine … :smiley:

Last impertinent question…

You say you go by timbre, is this mentally in specific frequency bands or is it more in terms of a specific desired sound . like a trumpet or like a bass ?

it’s all the music’s fault… :grin:

born in my unhealthy head, it forces me to work for it, as a housewife forces a negligent gardener to trim the bushes in her garden until she likes the result… :grimacing: :grinning:


Ain’t we all !!! :evergreen_tree: :sunflower: :evergreen_tree: :ear_of_rice: :spider: :blossom: :blossom: :blossom: :man_with_probing_cane: