ZynthianOS: the upcoming Zynthian SD image


You can download the latest ZynthianOS nightly-builds from here:





We removed the ttl generation of DISTHRO which needs to be fixed, but still.


Greaaaat!! We are sooo close now … currently I’m on holidays, but i will work on the TTL generation as soon as i come back to home.

Thanks for your great work!!


Hi guys!

I updated my Zynthian with the last image available for download.

I noticed a small problem in the AmpVTS - CAPS plugin. When I add it to the pedalboard, the plugin is muted.

Any tips?
Regards, Rod


Just got a Pi Zero up and running Raspbian Lite.

This tells you how to boot without anything other than a PSU !!

Basically you build an image with a wpa_supplicant.conf file in /boot
and also an empty ssh file to enable ssh

Well it saves having to buy Micro HDMI cables!

and you don’t even need a mains PSU … .


The new nightly (which is not stable at all) comes with a file zynthianos-wpa-supplicant.txt in the boot folder, so you don’t have to create it.


I suspect I’m going to have to get a screen on it to see what it’s actually up to.

More money for amazon cables . …