500 error on Webconf [SOLVED!]

Thanks for your patience
I also updated

after updating only main page of webconf works, sub-menus generate:
500: Internal Server Error

as a first step log onto the zynthian console and run

df -h…

Is the tmp directory all used?

My OS is Windows. I can connect by Filezilla.
Sorry but I do not know how to do what you ask Chris

You will need to log onto the zynthian itself and run the linux command on the zynth itself…

To do this from windows use Putty… https://putty.org/



downloaded Putty
acces done
Remote working directory is /root

with Filezilla, if it can help:

You need a command line terminal which is a mechanism to type commands that are run on the zynthian…

It’s similar to the powershell or cmd terminal in windows.

Putty when run will allow you to log into the zynthian and it should present you with a terminal…

Windows doesn’t respond to the zynthian.local type of address ( which is a pain) so you will need to use the address you showed in your webconf ……

I did it and I arrived to tmp directory.

IN Linux you allocate particular amounts of memory to particular directories and I hav had trouble in oram with the tmp directory filling…

the df -h command displays all the mounted directories and shows how much of that space is used…

I don’t know if this is your problem but it’s a pretty insidious little bug to find if you dont know about it, so it’s good to rule it out.

The /tmp directory is cleared out every time you restart the machine, so if the fault mgically dissappears on restart you think you’ve cleared it till the next time.

it seems this command does not work in Putty

Do you get the new window as described in the last link?

Note: on the new Bookworm (64bit) image, still in development, the password has changed to opensynth.

yes I used this pwd

Ok a couple of commands to try…


This should print the current directory


This should list the contets of the current directory…

cd fred

this will change into directory fred, if there is one.

cd /tmp

The / on the front means that the address is absolute, ie it’s the complete directory address . It’s like typing your full postal address rather than using the fred form which is like saying next door…

Does it give you a prompt on the line which you enter the text on…?

Something like root@zynthian: ?

Chris now I arrived to TMP dir
not clear what to do now

and if you type df

THe beauty of the df command is that you don’t need to be in any specific directory it should work from anywhere, which is why I suggested it.

OK I will do it

I’ve just updated as well and I’m getting 500 errors on lots of menu selections and its NOT the tmp directory!!!

Perhaps I should open an issue…?

Could you send the webconf logs?



where can I find webconf logs?