A pedalboard zynthian .. .

After it’s whistlestop tour of Essex the Pedalboard has now had a large 100 x 500mm piece of stripboard added to mount the hall effect boards on and the arduino added and all connected up . . .

and it now does this when one presses the pedals. . .

So now all I have to do is learn to play with a bit more confidence :smiley: All errors are wyleu’s left foot NOT mistriggers…

So let’s hear no talk of :face_with_monocle: I have delivered… Finally . :smiley:


I want one.

PS: Didn’t you say you post all these :face_with_monocle: as a link (and no one ever notices)? Well, once I want to click on it… dammit.

Well we now have a reset mechanism . . .

A momenterty dpdt switch which

  1. Disconnects the +5V link between the touch screen and the pin 2 of the raspberry pi
  2. Grounds the enable pin …
  3. routes the switched +5V to a front panel LED.

It works from the hidden DPDT red switch. . . . conveniently placed for quick kicking…

I suspect I might combine the two emergency switch with audio relays so the audio path is not taken to the front paneland also so that one switch also switches the audio straight throu’ in analogue bypass whilst the machine reboots. But that’s a long term plan.


I am about to re-brain the pedalboard . . . .

Will it also be waterproofed?


Just back from dungeons 2020.
oubliette water features very big this year…

Pedalboard rebraining proceeds apace.
I have a dns issue somewhere as zynthian.local wont resolve, but The maturity of the boot up process revealed as once the zynth had tried to run itself a couple of times it failed out to the hdmi screen, with the current IP address displayed!

If this was designed, it’s good!

So I can get to the webconf…

And give the machine it’s identity. (Should really try a backup and restore).

ssh is looking nice…

Terminal runs from webconf

Got to the Error Screen ( which also rather nicely told me the IP address :slight_smile: )

Used the zynth terminal to see what journalctl zynthian ( Looking at the system logs generated by the zynthian process as it starts up_

Needed to build the .so file for jackpeak…

same for

Step Sequencer…

and we have Zynthian …




@wyleu Chris!

Nice and shiny for rough stage hands… just kidding!
Now we should hear a :face_with_monocle:

Greetings and God bless. Marius

still getting the audio side together with the bypass relays.

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Looks like a game of whack-a-mole.

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Back under your pier …!

Still also trying to work out how to mount the push switches so they can be easily removed. or at least disconnected.

The varnish unfortunately has some finger prints which I can’t decide whether or not to address. If I do , it’s a complete strip down again…

Great job :+1:

Oaooooo! Congrats @wyleu !! It’s amazing!!!

Your reed switch scale reminds me of a guy who made something (The chimaera) a “poly-magneto-phonic-theremin” that can sound like a violin, played with a magnet acting like a guitar slide. He used an array of about 128 hall sensors. He shared a bunch of math involved in spanning a range. They have 13 utility LV2 plugins that work with arm7, arm64.
(I got some 3D hall sensors like you see used inside rotary and slide controls, to see if fewer sensors could be used for a continuous musical control.)

Another nonsequter, Vangelis has a rig with odd preset iconography on paper selection drums he’s shown improvising and orchestrating a sound tracks using 16 expression pedals to mix patches.

Yes, I really like the hall effect sensors.
I can also get a variable voltage out of them as well which I’ve mentally confined to the subsequent upgrade. Because I am being chased for a :face_with_monocle: I need to declare this finished !!

And I’ve seen the Vangelis interface. I have been watching several CS80 vids ( The synth I’d most like to own) and I was surprised how much of vangelis’s sounds were actually straight presets … Unless of course you listen to Beaubourg !!! :slight_smile:


"Unless of course you listen to Beaubourg !!! "
To quote the Hitch-hikers Guide to Galaxy;
“A terser work, for masochists.”

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Black Lotus Audio has a free Vital preset called “I want a CS80” their description:
“For when you’re Vangealous of the bladerunner soundtrack”
It sounds like a Trombone.

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Noice! One suggestion, how about adding a hinged flap that covers the screen with a catch or magnet to hold it closed during transit? Maybe it could drop down the back when in use. The screen looks prone for damage.

Thank you…

I think you might be right about the screen. I ended up using double sided tape to hold the screen so it’s a little more proud than would have been preferable.

One possible solution which I rather liked was a CNC cut brass plate right across the front with the switches set in to and the screen recessed …

Just really glad to have ‘finished’ ( Yeah right) the hardware side.

Now just setting up the audio in and out levels using a zynth on the input and one on the output… :slight_smile: and the sine wave generator engine, which sadly doesn’t have a left/right mute which would be really helpful. I’m reading up on LV2 to see if I could alter it suitably to add them or build a test tone generator from scratch…

Given the complexities of stereo in with mono defeat on one channel and the cross wired mono outputs that should provide stereo if two jacks plugged in and a mixed mono if only one used ( nicked from the alpha juno 2 circuit :slight_smile: ) .

However the bypass switch is helping a lot with the line up process and it’s status is now indicated by the colour of the LED on the front panel. Red for zynth in circuit, green or off for bypassed… :smiley: IT’s mostly sitting and soak testing at the moment.

It’s now got a badge …!