A Pure Data patch to control SooperLooper with one pedal

You ain’t the only one. Stick with this and we will produce something viable and useful.

I’ve got a RC300 available if you do want a loopstation but My first beef with it is that you either have it at table level and operate it with your fists or put it on the floor and find yourself bending down to operate controls…


And the effects are very weak because they want you to buy something else to do that sort of thing…

The Zynth can do better.

I have a FCB1010 and configured the default sooperlooper mapping to work with it but things have changed since then.

I wonder why, with so many foot switches you desire a single pedal workflow but do not deny it would be advantageous to implement.

The code for the ctldev is quite simple so anytime who can, or wants to leave how to program Python could do this.

I’m busy now but will happily test an implementation if it materialises.

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This allows a minimum from which we can start to consider how best to branch this out to the myriad of options that are available.
Most of the discussions weve had on this have tended to tail off as we talk about allocation of functions…

The one switch solution does mean we start from a same point, which in terms of ctrldev means we are building on something solid.

I have added a single-pedal mode to Sooperlooper (dev branch only). An extra controller is added to page 6, “Global Loops” called, “single_pedal” which can be mapped (MIDI learn) to a MIDI CC that sends >63 when pressed and 0 when released (like a sustain pedal). The current functions are:

  • Press to start recording
  • Press to stop recording and start playing
  • Press to start overdubbing
  • Press to stop overdubbing and continue playing
  • Double press to pause playback
  • Press to restart playback from start
  • Double press and hold (>1.5s) on second press to reset, clear recording and pause

These actions all happen on the currently selected loop / track. With a single loop like when intialised, it acts like a single pedal looper.

I haven’t yet fully tested this and there are improvements to be had, e.g. the double press and hold to clear only operates on release. It may be better to operated whilst held. I would also like to add an undo/redo option, if we can figure out what hopping dance could be used for this! Maybe long single press to undo / redo one stage only? I haven’t considered the other features Sooperlooper has. We may find it more beneficial to implement some other feature in the happy dancing triggers - I implemented the common single-pedal workflow, similar to what @Joe described.

To access this you need to already be on Oram (64-bit) then use the development branch, “feature/sooperlooper-single-pedal-mode”. If there are any brave testers out there, please let me know how we can improve this.

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I start wondering what you guys are doing in your spare time. :slight_smile: You are so active and responsive.
This is great work. I’d like to test it, but I don’t fully understand where to download/update it.


Did the update, as you described, but I cannot find any new button “Global Loops”.
BTW is there a numbering of pages somewhere displayed, would be great to see, on which page I am :slight_smile:

@robert you need to have already downloaded the Oram image then in webconf SOFTWARE → Repositories select zynthian-ui=feature/sooperlooper-single-pedal-mode and then update.

@Klangschmied The control is called, “single_pedal” and is on the 6th page. If you hit the SELECT button then the pages are shown (instead of the GUI widget) and the SELECT encoder allows pages to be navigated from a list. It may be advantageous to show the current page name or number in the GUI widget. That sounds like it requires a feature request :smile:,

We have invented an interdimensional space/time warp but don’t tell anyone!

…did it, as you suggested, but no “single_pedal” control there, only “selected loop”, “loop count”, “prev/next”

Oops! :blush: I hadn’t pushed all the changes. Try again now.

Oh, now it is there, and it’s working. Thanks a lot @riban for your superfast response and all the work you do!
So fare so good. Now I have only a “problem” with my Kenton Killamix, it sent CCs as triggers, first press cc 127 (>63) , then next press cc 0 (<63) …is it possible to implement this behaviour? if not, I can use another controller.

I couldn’t test this properly until today when I connected a sustain pedal that’s sends CC value 127 on press and value 0 on release. Before I only had controllers connected that toggled. We need the momentary control to detect double press / press and hold. You have to learn the timing dynamics and this willy be too uncomfortable using only one value per press & release.


I’ve been discussing this with @jofemodo and there may be an issue, depending on the type of pedal you have. This was highlighted above by @Klangschmied. The single-pedal-mode is designed to work with a non-latching pedal, i.e. CC-on when pressed and CC-off when released. This is a common foot pedal mode, e.g. sustain pedal but many pedals work as toggle, i.e. CC-on when pressed then CC-off when pressed again.

We could offer a mode that works with toggle pedals but could not use the same press-and-hold gesture (used to clear / reset). @Joe solved this with a double and triple tap. I am concerned about the hopping dance you need to perform to drive this. If a consensus could be reached on simple tap gestures to drive sooperlooper then I could implement something that could work with toggle pedals (including the god-awful FCB1010 original firmware!).

Hi @riban!

Perhaps triple tap could be a good solution for latched pedals. And for non-latching, “hold” could be supported additionally.


@Joe, will you tell us how comfortable you find triple tap? Do you suffer mistakes, triggering the wrong action?

Well, since you have all the time of the world…

I get this error when going to software - repositories

500: Internal Server Error

Do you have a fully updated system? The 500 intenral server error occurs occasionally when we introduce an error in webconf or a module it depends on but mine is working. Does your repo list look like this?


I’ve found it.
I also have the fcb1010 so I agree with jofemodo that we need another solution.
Let’s stick with the design of the Boss rc300. I think I can operate 2 pedals without getting confused. So lets’ have one for record/play/overdub and one for pause.

But it might be a bit complicated to make a flavor for everyone’s need.

I’m still interested in a plugin that takes a midi CC as an input and toggles between different CC’s as an output. That would be really flexible and anyone can adapt it to his/her liking.

hmmm, it looks like I’m the only one left here.

I’m still left with some problems.

In the multipedal list is this option : “reset, clear recording and pause”

I don’t see this option anywhere in the UI of sooperlooper. As a real person I sometimes screw up my loop and it would be a nice option to start all over again. It’s fine to have this option somewhere under a button. But how do I do this?

The “undo all” should work

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that makes sense.
I map undo/redo to midi cc 116 value 0.
now, when I press it is clears track 1, when track 2 is selected