Accessing the webconf

Hi there !
Now I’ve got my Zynthian up and (almost perfectly) running, here’s the BIG question; (I’m going step-by-step here, :footprints: trying to somehow get from my mind to yours)

How would one integrate the step-sequencer in the Zynthian? This or any other plugin for that matter)

I also have another question but no need to fill this thread with sidetrack issues.

Greetings from Vincent (the man from Amsterdam)

Thanks so much for this 1gig speed reply!

How can I enter this ‘webconf’ mode? (sorry, nooby question again!) :roll_eyes:

You need to use a web browser with network connection to the Zynthian.

Her’es what I see on my home PC using the chrome browser:

Getting the address to put into the browser is the trick.
I login into zynthian-amp2.local in this example, because I’ve changed the name of this particular zynth (Which you do in the webconf as well…)

In your case you want the default name so start with

zynthian.local instead of zynthian-amp2.local.

Yes I can reach this page, I used it for downloading my first sounds ( :face_with_monocle: I know, I know…)

How did you manage to change the ip adress of the Zynthian ?
Can I load LV2 plugins from this point? (It’s that easy??)
And isn’t this supposed to lead me to the MOD-IU page?

And isn’t anyone going to stop me for asking all these questions, in the ‘step sequencer thread’ of all things :angry:?

Absolutly not!

Enabling LV2 plugins is here

Mod UI has a seperate web address, info about it here:

wyleu probably changed his zynthname with something like hostnamectl set-hostname zynthian2

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I did it from the security page on the webconf…

Don’t forget to click advanced . . .

It’s a good idea to not use ip address’s if your can possibly get away with it. In most peoples networks they tend to be allocated. The names zynthian.local are MUCH friendlier and hold together if your Router decides everybody need to take a Hilbert step to the next address . . . ( look it up!!)

Zynthian desn’t support a IP Address change operation in it’s menus as this is really a concern for your Network, people tend to let the local router sort it out for them, and Personally I treat it as a last resort. We put a fair bit of effort into making it easy for the zynth to tell you which ip address you are on ( start up screens, admin Network information) if you really are scratching your head. Once you have a browser pointing at the zynth you can sort out most things, even issues like it appearing nothings happening cos the Audio card is misconfigured etc . . .

What goes on the thread is, fairly chaotic and we work with it. Once the discussion has settled on an issue we might well move chunks of it off somewhere else, but we’re kind of used to it, and it does seem to work. . .

I probably operate the zynthian screen size testing facility, and THAT has also been talked about a fair bit as well Lowest Display Resolution? Wide 256x64 OLED Displays. It’s one of the reasons I publish a lot of screen shots because issues like touchscreen positioning ( resolved from the implementation point of view, but still lacking a decent conf ) and elements looking too big on full sized screens, can best be appreciated in such ways. If you look up at the top of this thread, I mention left & right hand. The community kind of resolved that one, without even really noticing they had :smiley: )

And test away, Just the thought I wonder if I could sequence that, ( I feel love, Joe Jackson in my case) teaches you so much in so many areas, and the information about what was easy and difficult, is a lovely reward for @riban :mage: who we have locked away in one of the deep dark dungeons to get it all right. As with @jofemodo :japanese_goblin: , @riban :mage: has been incredibly naughty and this is the only sort of punishment he really understands . . .

This, however, will find you being lead up to slightly beyond the very top of tall staircase on the castle ramparts. :angry:

It can get busy, up there, at this time of year . . . . :roll_eyes:


Despite @Baggypants laissez faire attitude towards topics :slightly_smiling_face: you may wish to search the wiki and then forum for similar topics and if still stumped, create a new topic. This topic has waned and strayed far from the original topic. I get excited by the quantity of replies, anticipating detailed reports of success and failure and a swaithe of audio samples demonstrating we have the next Giorgio Moroder amongst our community.

And @wyleu I purposefully but quietly implemented accessible features, even for cack-handedness. :wink:


I can’t believe it (x3)…

This simply is a surprise to me, now I can see hours and hours of soundscaping ahead, this is one amazing tool…

Thanks to you all for helping me out !!


…strolls off to check the safety rails on the tall staircase . . . . .

Dear Lord of the Dungeons, please accept this here little something to chew on in the meantime…

Oh I forgot, it’s from an era known as ‘pre-Zynthian’, but at least you know I’m a futur well known film director (did I hear somebody say famous?)…no no only kidding ofcourse, did that with some of my children :eyes:


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