Adapt pd files for Zynthian

Still struggling a bit with the pure data option as I do not know exactly how to finetue pd files. Take for instance the attached granular synth. What to do to make it work for Zynthian? If adding the zynconfig files is the way to go. How to address it further?grain.pd (7.6 KB) grain-window.pd (230 Bytes)

main.pd (20.3 KB)

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Typically, I add ctlin objects to the pd file to allow changes to parameters using midi cc. Then I create a yaml file to expose the midi controllers on the Zynthian. Sorry for the lack of details but I’m away on vacation and don’t have proper resources with me. You can study the pd patches included in the Zynthian to help see how it’s done. You can also search the Zynthian forum to see how to construct the yaml file and other topics related to pure data integration. If needed I can supply a detailed example next week when I return home.

Thanks for your help! I was indeed looking at the Zynthian examples, but not really clear on how to proceed next. It is a nice discovery journey, but some additional guidance would be highly appreciated. I guess I am not the only Zynthianist looking for support on this.

Can anyone else give me a clear worked out example?

I can when I return from vacation in a few days. In the meantime you might try zipping your file and uploading using the preset manager in Zynthian webconf. Most PD patches contain multiple supporting files such as yaml, samples, etc. all zipped into a folder. Name the folder with the same name as you’re main patch and don’t use spaces or special characters in the name.
This thread may help: