Almost there :) (case design)

Great! :wink:

I will try to improve the source code for allowing to easily configure this kind of UI variations :wink:


Why do you want to take away from me the fun and the excuse to learn (yet) another programming language? 13 is my lucky number :stuck_out_tongue:

Ups! I also get fun improving my boring code … but OK, i will share the pleasure with you :wink:
My number is 13 too … mmm … this is quite strange …


Quite strange, indeed… :thinking:

… and much RGB LEDs!!! “Scotty: beam me up!”

True! I’ll fill the case with useless (but anyhow cool) WS2812… :slight_smile:


… you know my Disco-Zynthian?

Sure! Your zynthian is the first one I saw.
But I like star trek more that the disco, so my ws2812 sing all togheter “Warp core” :slight_smile:


Haha! VERY NICE! Hope to see this soon! Beam me up!

Regards, Holger

It’s aliiiiiiive :slight_smile:


Yeeeeesssss! You are almost there!!!
We will waiting for more details … and some video!! :wink:


And here it is, in all its majesty :smiley:

(I’ve not yet printed the knobs)

Inside photos. This is the first one, I built it for a friend, and as any “first born” is almost completely hand wired.


sorry @C0d3man, no RGB leds this time, this is for a friend :slight_smile:

Hi @Axeman!

What a fine work!! Congratulations!!
Have you published the box schemes in some place? I would like to print it … jeje :wink:
If you want, you can add your design to the zynthian case repository:

You only have to “fork, add your files & pull request”, or i could give you direct access to the repo if you tell me your github account name :wink:


Sure, @jofemodo!

Tonight I’ll make some minor tweaks (slightly wrong holes position for rPI support) and I’ll upload it on the github repo and on thingiverse.

(if you use Autodesk fusion360 I can share the full project)

I don’t use it, but perhaps other people do. I think always it’s a good idea to share the sources :wink:

You’re right. but Fusion360 has an online project storage. If someone wants to join the project, I need his fusion360 account name to allow access to the design files.

Thinking abbout that, I never tried to backup projects locally… I wonder if they can be downloaded and shared… I’ll try ASAP.

@jofemodo I hope I put files in the right place… I always use git through Visual Studio… this is almost the first time I use the web interface :slight_smile:

Hi @Axeman!

It’s perfect! I’ve merged your pull request!

Please, feel free to introduce your case to the community :wink:

Thanks for sharing!

Community… meet my 3D printable case.
3D printable case… meet the Community :blush:

@jofemodo formal introduction done… :wink:
(just kidding, as soon as I have a little time I’ll do a dedicated post)