Another noob with a zynth in progress

Long time follower, first time poster…
First things first, thanks to Jofemodo for this awesome project and forum. Also thanks to Wyleu and Holger as well. I’ve enjoyed reading the forums for a long time.
I finally started my own

I’m not sure if the pic came through. It’s a raspi 3, aliexpress 7" hdmi (1024X600), and a cheap usb audio dongle. The forum has been invaluable for help - after all, it is linux. Also I owe the raspberry pi forums and adafruit a debt of thanks.
Now off to design a case to print…


Satisfying isn’t it … ?

And practice a :face_with_monocle: or two . . .!

Nekkid zynth!

Most definitely.
Sorry, I’m still trying to figure the emoji out…duhhh

Aha, the wiki has enlightened me. Since it’s precariously perched on my guest bedroom desk I’m waiting to move it to my garage workbench - more room.
Yep, @Baggypants it’s nekkid as a jaybird…for now
I have one of the cheap 5102 dac boards for it. Gotta work on that too
…and the encoders, ports, etc.

Hahaha, I was stupid enough at the point to make a research over the web to find what kind of hardware are these “nekkid zynth” …

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I have no idea what that :face_with_monocle: is…

There is another one too :zynthianic:

I have no idea…

(Ducks away from swipe by @wyleu …)

And as a Newbie myself I still say Hi! :grinning:

Hi back @deldor, I looked :face_with_monocle: myself. I believe it means share some sounds and/or building experiences. I don’t know what the other one is either.
Anyway, I know other people have used the 5102 dacs so I’m researching it first. I know 7" is a little large on the lcd but I am 67 after all - is there an emoji for “needs thicker glasses” or as @wyleu might say “stares myopically at the wrong item on his desk”. This is a lot of fun and a great community.

@le51, maybe we should fork a project: Nekkid Zynth

7" is a good size. I have built a Zynthian with 1.6" which has some advantages (pack it small) for live performance. I have built a standard Zynthian and also one with 7" and lots of inputs / outputs. The 7" does allow me to use it without wearing my reading glasses and offers better touch interface, e.g. for step sequencer. I like the larger format screen.

Click the one that @wyleu posted and it will be self evident. what :face_with_monocle: is about.

Yes I’m just being naughty…lol!

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Unleash the Rooks!

Yes it seems that the :face_with_monocle: is a real one to “enquire” about I guess there must be some history here for that, but the “ravens” will not reveal the origin, as for :zynthianic: that was produced by @ jofemodo to replace :face_with_monocle: - quite recently actually! :grinning:

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Being sensible for a moment…

A 7" display is more than enough. Having “touch” is important for adjusting the pots. This is a very well thought out project with some very helpful, if slightly “bonkers” (in the nicest possible way!) help.

I felt welcome very soon after arriving,

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Here is the full explanation :wink:


Ah ha! Now I understand! I shall sleep tonight without worrying about the Ravens!
Phew! :grinning: