Asus Tinkerboard

Hi, After sucsess with building rbpi3 zynthian, I immediately fell in love with this «synth-audio» swiss armyknife… however I want more cpu power so I purchased Asus Tinkerboard…

Anyone tried this board with zynthian? Soundcard etc is compatible and basic linux works as expected (dietpi os)

I’ve several times tried to manually install zynthian via scripts, but so far failure…

Ole Peder


You should use the Zynthian setup script as starting point, line by line, tweaking and adjusting every step as needed. Using a debian-based linux distribution will simplify a lot the process, but you will need a good understanding of Linux at system level and a lot of patient, for sure …


I have to add that there is no reason for Zynthian don’t working with the Asus Tinkerboard. AFAIK, it’s perfectly possible.

Got most stuff installed now… not a very fun process :wink:

Where is the zynthian webconf password stored? Is it linked to root user?

as my distro is not default, i cannot login with default password, and my loginuser (linaro/linaro) is not granted access…

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Good work!! Congratulations!!

Have you documented the process? It would be great to have a script for building a Zynthian image for the TinkerBoard!! :star_struck:

The webconf password is the root password, yes :wink:


Orange pi in process

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I totally messed up,so I had to start over again… this time I´ve documentet the process. I think I´ll start all over again and just run the modified script and check the result… :wink:

Audio out is very good ! (so far not been able to configure sound in…)

Asus made a great little board :slight_smile:

id like to see if this would run on a orange pi pc

ive tryied running the script as is but I get errors, and I don’t know how to change the partition size

pi is a quite new thing for me and I’m bad at programming

I left out the partition suff… :wink:

Upload the modified script here?

Better fork the zynthian-sys repository and add your script to the scripts folder. After that, send a pull request :wink:


Sorry, I dropped the Tinkerboard… too much frustration.

I found out about the tinker board from googling. What are the problems with it? I am brand new to rapspberry pi. What requirements need to be fulfilled to use any raspberry pi clone or similar?

AFAIK the Tinkerboard will not be produced anymore.

Clones (like ODroid) may have Linux distributions which are not as good tested as Raspi distributions - and maybe not up-to-date. Maybe also drivers and additional hardware (like soundcards) are not be available or may not have stable drivers. And don’t forget the huge availability of support for Raspi due to a bigger community.

I think it is definitely possible to run Zynthian on a Raspi-clone, but you have to do some basic steps (like compiling actual software) by your own. You can do this for yourself (maybe more or less scripted and/or documentated) or you try to find others and create a side project.

BTW: I would like to try an ODroid - but I have no time for this…

Regards, Holger

I don’t have too much time either but I spend all day on Linux and one of my main tools is written in c++. But i get more ignorant the closer we get down towards the metal.

I find all of this Linux for music and audio very interesting there are more and more projects and some are breaking out of the pure diy category,

don’t know if it is still current but…
I modified the scripts/codes to match to tinkerboard/tinkerboard S running armbian.
So far i tested it is working using internal interface and usb controller, not sure if it will work with the hifi interface/midi kit, since i don’t have it to test, possibly yes.

if someone interested using that or help fixing bug/testing. just le me know


Two years later: Asus has the Tinker Board S on the market, which supposedly beats the RaspberryPi 4 in terms of performance. Plus, it still has the connectors exactly like the RaspberryPi 3, so it should fit into the Zynthian case.

Are there any experiences with Zynthian and the Tinker Board S already?

Nobody managed to get any other than Raspbian to work because we need a decent soundcard and a screen.
If you find a combination that works with plain rasbian, you find ppl who will buy it and make it a working zynthian.

I’m a bit irritated by your answer since the new Tinkerboard S also is supposed to be a 1:1 clone of the RaspberryPi 3 in terms of pinout and system architecture, except for some extras like built-in flash memory, and a much faster CPU. Asus claimes they improved compatibility with the new model. This is why I’m wondering if anyone has tried Zynthian with it yet.

One thing I see on the pictures is that it will not fit the Zynthian case since it needs more space between the HifiBerry HAT and the main board as there is a larger heat sink, most likely due to the powerful CPU.

No need to be irritated. Simply try to configure and get a fully working zynthian with the Tinker Board S. I really would love to see that … and i’m pretty sure of not being the only one :wink: