Audio Injector isolated

I know what I will be playing with end of the year


Contributed :smiley:

You are awesome !

With this hardware release, I am trying to standardise the analogue connectors for my sound cards. So that preamplifiers and other “skins” can be reused between products.
The end goal is also to have people design their own analogue skins and reuse them.


Made my contribution as well!

Been looking for that additional motivation to make a younger brother to my zynthian (as in better, and not more stubborn :slight_smile: )

Would the analogue skins be powered and if so how…?

Great, thanks for the backing!

Regarding power, I am creating a standard :

Basically, ±12V rails and phantom. There is also a dirty un-isolated +5V, which requires an isolation barrier if you try to use that rail. That rail ties to some GPIO lines for unisolated control.