Behringer BCR32


Is this restitution for the KeyStep clone? :grin:

That looks fantastic! And it has Zaquencer!

oh wow, nice !
Here in France, on a well know website called “audiofanzine”, we can find second hand BCR2000 for 120€ (a couple of years ago it was more around 80€, maybe these pieces of plastic are like some Chateau Margaux red wine, they are getting more and more expensive when they are old) , while that new version is announced for 149€ …
Let’s see the users feedback when it will be produced

As a happy Zaquencer owner, i’m really happy with these news. Anyway, i would love to see 32 x mini-LCDs , one each rotary, that you can manage using SysEx :star_struck:


Uli must have got wind of the Zynsequencer and be worried.


And it is nearly here!!! The race is on…