BETA-Tests: more LV2 plugins for MOD-UI


Hello @C0d3man ,

I did a pull && try. :grin:

./ now works without error and a lot of new plugins are now available. Thank you for the Fix! however runs but returns up-to-date without installing anything. I checked modgui and the infamous plugins are not in the list.

I noticed modgui does load longer and crashed once during the test. i guess more plugings = more loading time. I will test more and report back if I can nail nomething down.

Kind regards!


Hi @lod Martin,

Thanks for testing!

Strange. Can you truy the following?

cd /zynthian/zynthian-recipe/recipe
sh build

This should build the software. Normaly the script only builds when there was a checkout or a successful pull. With the “build” option you force a build and install.

Yes - loading all information takes much longer when loading mod-ui. Turlte (TTL) is a little bit complex to parse (IMHO) and there are lots of files to look at. We shoould think about a plugin-manager so the user can decide which and how much plugins should be installed.

I had the crashing of mod-ui, too. It seems to be better to reboot after installing/updating plugins. Also it is possible that there were plugins (or TTL data) which may crash mod-ui…

Regards Holger

Regards, Holger


Hello C0d3man !

Do you think is easy to import to zynthian ?

It’s seems to be a great synth plugin :slight_smile:


Added :slight_smile:

cd  $ZYNTHIAN_DIR/zynthian-recipe/recipe
git pull
./ # or: "sh"
reboot # just to be sure

Compiling takes much time!

Thanks for showing this synth!

Regards, Holger


… added some fixes. Please pull if you already cloned.

Regards, Holger


Hi @C0d3man :slight_smile:

I followed your instructions and used the buid flag on and it worked perfectly. :+1:

After that I tested the installation of helm using sh The process took a long time and sadly failed. I posed the output below:

root@zynthian:/zynthian/zynthian-recipe/recipe# sh
Cloning into 'helm'...
remote: Counting objects: 23600, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (142/142), done.
remote: Total 23600 (delta 107), reused 108 (delta 52), pack-reused 23402
Receiving objects: 100% (23600/23600), 34.23 MiB | 6.27 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (15857/15857), done.
Checking connectivity... done.
make -C standalone/builds/linux CONFIG=Release DEBCXXFLAGS="-g -O2 -fstack-protector-strong -Wformat -Werror=format-security" DEBLDFLAGS="-Wl,-z,relro"
make[1]: Entering directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/standalone/builds/linux'
Compiling alias.cpp
Compiling arpeggiator.cpp
Compiling bit_crush.cpp
Compiling bypass_router.cpp
Compiling delay.cpp
Compiling distortion.cpp
Compiling envelope.cpp
Compiling feedback.cpp
Compiling filter.cpp
Compiling formant_manager.cpp
Compiling linear_slope.cpp
Compiling magnitude_lookup.cpp
Compiling memory.cpp
Compiling midi_lookup.cpp
Compiling mono_panner.cpp
Compiling operators.cpp
Compiling oscillator.cpp
Compiling phaser.cpp
Compiling portamento_slope.cpp
Compiling processor.cpp
Compiling processor_router.cpp
Compiling resonance_lookup.cpp
Compiling reverb.cpp
Compiling reverb_all_pass.cpp
Compiling reverb_comb.cpp
Compiling sample_decay_lookup.cpp
Compiling simple_delay.cpp
Compiling smooth_filter.cpp
Compiling smooth_value.cpp
Compiling step_generator.cpp
Compiling stutter.cpp
Compiling trigger_operators.cpp
Compiling value.cpp
Compiling voice_handler.cpp
Compiling file_list_box_model.cpp
Compiling helm_common.cpp
Compiling load_save.cpp
Compiling midi_manager.cpp
Compiling startup.cpp
Compiling synth_base.cpp
Compiling synth_gui_interface.cpp
Compiling filter_response.cpp
Compiling filter_selector.cpp
Compiling global_tool_tip.cpp
Compiling graphical_envelope.cpp
Compiling graphical_step_sequencer.cpp
Compiling midi_keyboard.cpp
Compiling modulation_button.cpp
Compiling modulation_highlight.cpp
Compiling modulation_meter.cpp
Compiling modulation_slider.cpp
Compiling oscilloscope.cpp
Compiling patch_selector.cpp
Compiling retrigger_selector.cpp
Compiling synth_slider.cpp
Compiling tempo_selector.cpp
Compiling wave_selector.cpp
Compiling wave_viewer.cpp
Compiling xy_pad.cpp
Compiling about_section.cpp
Compiling arp_section.cpp
Compiling delay_section.cpp
Compiling delete_section.cpp
Compiling dynamic_section.cpp
Compiling envelope_section.cpp
Compiling extra_mod_section.cpp
Compiling feedback_section.cpp
Compiling filter_section.cpp
Compiling formant_section.cpp
Compiling full_interface.cpp
Compiling lfo_section.cpp
Compiling mixer_section.cpp
Compiling modulation_manager.cpp
Compiling noise_section.cpp
Compiling oscillator_section.cpp
Compiling patch_browser.cpp
Compiling reverb_section.cpp
Compiling save_section.cpp
Compiling step_sequencer_section.cpp
Compiling stutter_section.cpp
Compiling sub_section.cpp
Compiling synth_section.cpp
Compiling synthesis_interface.cpp
Compiling update_check_section.cpp
Compiling voice_section.cpp
Compiling volume_section.cpp
Compiling browser_look_and_feel.cpp
Compiling default_look_and_feel.cpp
Compiling fonts.cpp
Compiling modulation_look_and_feel.cpp
Compiling text_look_and_feel.cpp
Compiling helm_computer_keyboard.cpp
Compiling helm_standalone_editor.cpp
Compiling main.cpp
Compiling dc_filter.cpp
Compiling detune_lookup.cpp
Compiling fixed_point_oscillator.cpp
Compiling fixed_point_wave.cpp
Compiling helm_engine.cpp
Compiling helm_lfo.cpp
Compiling helm_module.cpp
Compiling helm_oscillators.cpp
Compiling helm_voice_handler.cpp
Compiling noise_oscillator.cpp
Compiling resonance_cancel.cpp
Compiling switch.cpp
Compiling BinaryData.cpp
Compiling juce_audio_basics.cpp
Compiling juce_audio_devices.cpp
Compiling juce_audio_formats.cpp
Compiling juce_audio_processors.cpp
Compiling juce_audio_utils.cpp
Compiling juce_core.cpp
Compiling juce_cryptography.cpp
Compiling juce_data_structures.cpp
Compiling juce_events.cpp
Compiling juce_graphics.cpp
Compiling juce_gui_basics.cpp
../../../JUCE/modules/juce_gui_basics/juce_gui_basics.cpp:109:39: fatal error: X11/extensions/Xinerama.h: No such file or directory
   #include <X11/extensions/Xinerama.h>
compilation terminated.
Makefile:776: recipe for target 'build/intermediate/Release/juce_gui_basics_3e4cc581.o' failed
make[1]: *** [build/intermediate/Release/juce_gui_basics_3e4cc581.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/standalone/builds/linux'
Makefile:35: recipe for target 'standalone' failed
make: *** [standalone] Error 2
make -C standalone/builds/linux CONFIG=Release DEBCXXFLAGS="-g -O2 -fstack-protector-strong -Wformat -Werror=format-security" DEBLDFLAGS="-Wl,-z,relro"
make[1]: Entering directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/standalone/builds/linux'
Compiling juce_gui_basics.cpp
../../../JUCE/modules/juce_gui_basics/juce_gui_basics.cpp:109:39: fatal error: X11/extensions/Xinerama.h: No such file or directory
   #include <X11/extensions/Xinerama.h>
compilation terminated.
Makefile:776: recipe for target 'build/intermediate/Release/juce_gui_basics_3e4cc581.o' failed
make[1]: *** [build/intermediate/Release/juce_gui_basics_3e4cc581.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/standalone/builds/linux'
Makefile:35: recipe for target 'standalone' failed
make: *** [standalone] Error 2
make clean -C standalone/builds/linux CONFIG=Release
make[1]: Entering directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/standalone/builds/linux'
Cleaning Helm
make[1]: Leaving directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/standalone/builds/linux'
make clean -C builds/linux/LV2 CONFIG=Release
make[1]: Entering directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/builds/linux/LV2'
make clean -f Makefile.binary
make[2]: Entering directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/builds/linux/LV2'
Cleaning HelmPlugin
make[2]: Leaving directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/builds/linux/LV2'
make clean -f Makefile.ttl_generator
make[2]: Entering directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/builds/linux/LV2'
rm -f lv2_ttl_generator
make[2]: Leaving directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/builds/linux/LV2'
rm -rf helm.lv2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/builds/linux/LV2'
make clean -C builds/linux/VST CONFIG=Release
make[1]: Entering directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/builds/linux/VST'
Cleaning HelmPlugin
make[1]: Leaving directory '/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/helm/builds/linux/VST'

Does it need some X11 stuff to be installed in order to work?



Hi @lod Martin,

ahhh, sorry. My Dev system has some libraries preinstalled. I have to add

apt-get install -y libxinerama-dev

(or something like that). Sorry, but I have no time the next days: 3 gigs with band… Will fix this afterwards.

Regards, Holgeer


Hi Holger! I wish you a lot of fun playing the gigs!

Your Hint was correct, after installing

apt-get install libx11-dev libxinerama-dev

It was possible to use

sh build

and the installation went well. Helm is indeed a nice Synthesizer - It is real rich sounding and fun to play with. Plenty of presets are also delivered together with the Synth :+1:

Rock On!


I had to install “libxcursor-dev” too ! :slight_smile:

@Lod, you see helm as a new plugin in the MOD-UI menu ?
I’ve done the build and the install (as in the but nothing show up in my menu .

Thank You !



Hi! Yes the helm synth is listed in “Generators” after the installation using Holgers installation script.

Kind Regards,


Hi Martin @lod,

thanks for reporting - the installation script is fixed now.

Regards, Holger


Hi @C0d3man,

Here’s a little feedback on installing some plugins in zynthian.
Fist, i did a fresh installation of zynthian image to test the update of plugins.

After completing the update:

zynthian-modgui installation didn’t not work for me. The soft links were created in the /lv2 folder, but did not appear in the modgui. :pensive:

For the plugins that already have the modgui (link) I made some changes in the original repository and a simple installation script.

Probably this is not the best way to install modguis, but it works.

In this script are the installs for the following plugins:

  • Fomp
  • Guitarix
  • Invaded
  • RakarRak
  • Zam Audio

As the final quantitative of plugins we have:

In the original image: 357 plugins
After the update: 529 plugins
After a few fixes: 594 plugins



Great @rod_amaral!

This is of great help for preparing the next SD image!

Thanks a lot!



Many thanks for testing and reporting!

Argh - forgot a “make install” at the end of the script… fixed.

Have you tested some of the RakarRack-plugins? I had problems/crashes…

Ok, fixed.

Also adapted and fixed.

Ahhh - added “MOD=1” - fixed now.


Also added.

They should appear after restarting MOD-UI. I am booting after fixing - just to be sure. Works for me…

Ok - I have only 586 plugins. Can you send me a lv2ls? I would like to make a diff and see what’s missing here.

Again: Thanks a lot for wour work!

Regards, Holger

Request complete list of engines and vst instruments and effects

Hi @C0d3man

Here’s the list:

About the RakarRak plugins, I’m having the same problems! :pensive:

Regards, Rod


Many thanks @rod_amaral

I found two additional problems in shiro and mod-pitchshifter in my scripts and fixed them. Now I have the same directories as you - but only 590 plugins listed. Can you create a lv2ls output for me - this is a command whicht lists the URLs of each plugin. I think that I am missing three plugins inside a bundle - but with the current data I cannot exactly see which plugins are missing.

Thanks, Holger

P.S.: lv2ls is a command like the normal ls, but lists LV2 plugins which can be found via the environment variable $LV2_PATH. In combination with lv2info it can tell you very much about the LV2 plugins you have installed.


Hi @C0d3man

I updated the file with lv2ls

Regards, Rod


Hi all:
Dev of infamous plugins and maintainer of rackarrack-lv2 ports too.

I just want to say its great to see you using my plugins! Hope you are enjoying them.
infamous plugins are my main focus and I’m slowly adding modguis to them. Currently the modguis are only in the dev branch. I’m in the middle of a major UI overhaul (and it will probably be some time still) and once that is complete I will move the current state of affairs to master and do a release.

rkr-lv2 really is in need of some attention and a lot of testing so please report any specific problems you find. I just don’t have time to give 42 effects a good shakedown. :frowning: Like I mention I’m currently focused on infamous and will probably not get to these for quite some time, but once I do having the bug reports will help a ton.

Finally I want to point you to ams-lv2 ( MOD-host has full support for the CV ports so it should get you guys some modular synth action going.

I’d heard of the zynthian project but didn’t realize how flexible it was. I might have to pick up a kit…

p.s. helm had their 0.9 release recently and its supposed to support a headless mode now which may be more useful to you than the plugin version… Its definitely one of my favorite linux synths though.


Hi @ssj71!

Welcome to Zynthian community!
Infamous plugins will be included by default in the next official Zynthian image. Great work!

AMS is already included as LV2 plugins, although i’ve removed 2 or 3 that didn’t work. I’ve to do more tests with it …

Helm seems really interesting and i will test it ASAP. Thanks! :wink:
It could be integrated in Zynthian as LV2 plugin with very little work. A standalone custom integration could be done also, but it’s not so easy.

Best Regards


+1 for Helm

This one is great like zynaddsubfx and i have the feeling it runs a bit better on the Pi`s hardware.