Building zynthian image now works with docker


root@wyleu-HP-G72-Notebook-PC:/home/wyleu# modprobe loop && ls /dev/loop*
/dev/loop0 /dev/loop11 /dev/loop14 /dev/loop17 /dev/loop2 /dev/loop3 /dev/loop6 /dev/loop9
/dev/loop1 /dev/loop12 /dev/loop15 /dev/loop18 /dev/loop20 /dev/loop4 /dev/loop7 /dev/loop-control
/dev/loop10 /dev/loop13 /dev/loop16 /dev/loop19 /dev/loop21 /dev/loop5 /dev/loop8
root@wyleu-HP-G72-Notebook-PC:/home/wyleu# rmmod loop && ls /dev/loop*
rmmod: ERROR: Module loop is builtin.

This is what I loath about docker . It has all the predictability of git …


You can use the vagrant build method if you don’t like docker.
Docker is good for this mostly because it works on cloud services.