Bundle with Input Soundcard?


I am developing plans to build my own Zynthian.
Since time is a bit limited, I am leaning towards a bundle from the website.

AFAIK, there is no bundle which offers an input sound card as well, correct?

Would it be possible to provide such combination?

The building guide did not include help on how to achieve a device with input so that the box could be used as effects machine.

Thanks for any pointer.

i’ve been searching for alternate soundcard that has the audio input as well. no luck. input would make zynthian to full featured synth.

but there were hints on several forums to try the USB soundcards. this could eventually save the day but pin in the ass with the integration into one small box. in the evening i will try to connect my tascam US16x08 to zynthian and see if there’s some luck.

When the Audioinjector Ultra is going to be shipped in approx 2months, this might be a good candidate.

Audioinjector stereo works well too

I do not have time but moreover experience to find out about it myself.

Also, this would maybe support those who operate this site and create the OS behind.

Don’t worry various people round here watch the Raspberry Pi audio card world VERY carefully.

I’ve some news about Hifiberry’s team working in an ADC/DAC soundcard … :zipper_mouth_face::laughing:


You seem to have a special news channel. I could not find anything on their website.

Will be an exciting autumn:

At the end, we will have play tools for the winter :slight_smile:

Do you have any updates?

This would make getting the kit for my winter holidays a very attractive idea.

The official Zynthian Bundle All Kit v3, that is planned for 2019, will include a soundcard with audio inputs, but i can’t give a date yet.

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My Audioinjector Ultra is on a container from China to me right now.

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any update on this?

The card is now on sale:

It’s not recommended right now

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