Bye Bye V4... V5 is coming!


Hi @zynthianers!

It’s been a hard year for us and we have been breaking our stocks every 2 weeks. The chip & supply chain crisis have beaten us and we have finally decided to stop producing V4 kits.

I know some of you are still awaiting for getting an official V4 kit but this is not going to happen unless you buy in the secondary market, sorry!

The V4 kit has been an important milestone in the Zynthian history, but it’s time to step forward and evolve.

We are working in the next zynthian kit, the V5, and you can be sure we are going to put the mark as high as we can. We want your head to explode and your eyes to burn when you see what we are working on. And this is only the beginning of a new zynthian’s era… ohhh yessss!

BTW, the estimated time of arrival for new V5 kits is about May-June. Stay tuned!! We will be releasing some info about V5 history, development & features in the next days/weeks.

RIP V4. Long life V5!




Ohhh, that means that you are already in an advanced stage of development.

I really hope you’ve chose to use one of these excellent 5inch DSI display with capacitive touch screen. They are mostly plug and play and allow you to play with ZynSeq nicely.

Can’t wait :wink: hahaha

Thank you @jofemodo for this wonderfull project.

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I wouldn’t say this. We started to work seriously on V5 after christmas, so we’ve been working for 2 months, really hard, i must say :wink: We are very close to have a fully functional prototype, and we expect to have a final prototype by end of March.

It seems like some rumours have been spreaded in recent Zynthian Clubs. English guys are very good on intelligence and spying affairs, but specially on spreading rumours, jejeje!


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Okay, so …
wait and see
and cross fingers,
sometimes rumors turns into reality :rofl:

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All requests have been well noted. Pez dispenser is high priority, of course

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@Baggypants speculation is about as close as we got in ZynthClub. I think @le51 is just using the tea leaves to predict a future that is desirable. There are no leaks in this colender!


I think you mean this colender:

:rofl: :rofl:

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Will you use another card instead of the raspberry?.. I’m bloody curious… maybe I’ll find a job and I can buy a V5 made by you instead of my tired hands :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

No no. RBPi 4 still is the V5’s brain, but it will work 25% faster, at 2GHz. V5 will have an improved passive cooling system. My Z2 prototype, has been working at 2GHz for a year (non-stop!) without a glitch, so we are very confident.



You are legendary… Well done.

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I agree as software support with RBPI is as its best regarding other platforms.

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Cant wait to see!!!

:face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

Integrated clown horn? Church bell noise canceller? All new zynthians globally… No… Interplanetary… to sync to same singular midi clock?


Well!, It’s time to release some stuff :wink:

This is the Z2 Main Board and it’s the core of next official zynthian kits. It features:

  • A very decent power supply circuit, that can be fed with DC voltage from 9V to 48V using a good & reliable “barrel” connector. And we found a very nice power connector with switch!
  • Balanced Audio Input + Output (2 channels) => Almost the same design than ZynADAC
  • Headphones => We use a good headphones amplifier from Texas Instruments.
  • DIN-5 MIDI-IN/THRU/OUT => Almost the same design than Zynaptik
  • RTC with Battery (very accurate and ultra-low power)
  • SD-Card extender, for easy accessing the SD-card
  • USB-B connector for connecting Zynthian to your computer as a MIDI device
  • Z2 Display Connector => Power + HDMI + Touch
  • Z2 Control Connector => Power + WS32 LEDs + I2C + 6 GPIO
  • Mechanized Aluminum Thermal Block => Acts as a massive heatsink that connects the RBPI’s hot surfaces to the aluminum chassis, allowing overclocking up to 2GHz without problems.

I will release the design files very soon.



Looks very cool.
Oh, is that really USB Device support? That’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. :smiley:

Er, what? :slight_smile:

Wonderful!!! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

Let’s hope the Raspberry emergency clears up… :grimacing:

Hi Jofemodo and Zynthianers,

That is HUGE news!

I was just wondering how to possibly assemble a second Zynthian - with no RPis 4 8Gb readily available around -, now that I have finally put my V4 to full multitimbral swing and would like to have another unit, to share the sometimes heavy computational workload.

Waiting for the V5 release - and very much looking forward to it - I would advance some suggestions, for features to design or implement in the new version:

1] Provide a larger case, with room for ensuing modifications, more encoders/buttons and enough connectors, in order for the Zynthian platform to be prospectively RPi 5-ready in (perhaps) 2024.

2] Offer the option of a screen-less Zynthian box also, or possibly just one model but with a modular window to remove/screw back in place. I find the workflow considerably more enjoyable on my external Arzopa HDMI portable screen, configured in Webconf as a custom FHD display. Moreover, there exist now a vast array of touch and non-touch portable screens for Raspberry.

3] Consider to implement a dedicated UI for larger screens, with more parameters exposed in graphical fashion on the same page. In this case, some kind of stylised technical scheme of each plugin’s inner workings would be very useful, and possibly fun to contribute on the part of the community, should you give us simple means to draw it. To this end, two or four more encoders would be welcome, since the already existing ones work like a charm for a workflow with external monitor. Also, a couple more of push buttons might turn out to be very handy.

4] A resident DAW program would be fantastic, and a porting of a free to adapt version of Cubase - my sequencer of choice - particularly welcome.

I will keep and eager eye on coming announcements on V5. In the meantime, thanks for all guys and keep up with the good/hard work!

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Very, very promising, with the added feature of really liberal overclocking!

Judging from the new arrangement of the connections, it looks like we are going to have a different form factor of the metal container…

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