Can a fella get a sound font?

As an example…

I know I’m going to be on the hunt for the best SFZ, SF2, and GIG files available for free on the internet. I wouldn’t have expected to find the above, and it has a plethora of links.

Looks like we really can just drop these into the Zynthian-my-data directory and load with the appropriate engine, which is honestly one of the most killer parts of this project.

Add your favorite soundfound here!

Any body have a good 70s funk (think Stevie Wonder here) Harpsichord or Clavinet sample they like?

I find the options for Fender Rhodes to be quite sufficient in the canonical Gorgona image, especially using MOD-UIs setup.

This is a bit weirder–anybody have a good Mellotron soundfont? I mean like beginning of Starberry Fields?

As a musician, this is where it gets REALLY interesting :wink:

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Actually–the MOST killer part is being able to add an entirely new engine, lol. Forgot to mention that.

Really? I cannot get enough of them :slight_smile:
My absolute favorite Rhodes sound is the mda-EPiano. It is nearly my original Rhodes :slight_smile:

Thanks for your link! An absolute fantastic collection! But I don’t know any (good) “free” Clavinet or Mellotron sounds… I have some on very old AKAI sampler CDs - but no free sounds :frowning:

Regards, Holger

Yeah my phrasing was strange–I’m trying to say I LIKE the built in samples in the Gorgona image …

But I’m greedy :wink: :wink: :wink:

This looks good for Harpsichord. I haven’t heard it yet, but it’s a real sample from a real old Harpsichord… depending on the time/energy they used, it might be awesome.

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… or my english :wink:

This is the only Mellotron that i have found

So… I just SSHed into my zynthian dev box, used wget to download the above RAR, unrarred it into /zynthian/zynthian-my-data and then immediately found it under FluidSynth. I started playing right away and was so so so extremely happy.

Thank you so much! @videobelu and @C0d3man !

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this seems to be a nice mellotron:


In order to get *.GIG working one needs to place them into a subfolder in the
directory. Instrument is changed by using keyswitches located at the lower octaves of the keybord.


hey dude, I would also be interested in this mellotron. Would you be so kind and upload it again?

I this is the new link


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Hi @videobelu!

Perhaps you can upload these soundfonts to “Musical Artifacts” and make it available from the webconf tool …


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thanks for uploadin! But I can not make it work yet. Do you put in the sf2 folder? Where in Zynthian would it have to show up?

unzip it and use webconf to import the .sf2 files

Now also on musical-artifacts

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Hm, but as rar…need to change webconf…

But there is no unrar installed. not yet?
Or wouldn’t it be better to use polyphone and build one sf2 file with all sounds?

Sorry i don’t know how to use polyphone…and my only way is to pack all sounds together

It’s quite easy. Just drag and drop the presets.
But I did it already:

Now we need to exchange the file in the musical-artifacts database.
Are you able to do this?

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Lucas, maybe you can help us :slight_smile: