Cannot create X-Windows

Did what is described on
New Engine Implementation: Aeolus (Pipe Organ Emulator) - Development - Zynthian Discourse
Got to Step 3
X-window did not open.
I’m stuck. Can someone help?

You should not have to do this as now aeolus is installed on default zynthian image.

Anyway if the Window does not open it is maybe because your system does not have an X server. Are you on windows or mac ?

Also read this Problems accessing Native GUIs


Access to the GUI is now via VNC. This can be enabled and accessed via webconf

OK. So I went through Step 3 and 4 of [New Engine Implementation: Aeolus (Pipe Organ Emulator) ]
But I’m getting
out.L not a valid port
out.R not a valid port
midi/in not a valid port

X Window forwarding was found to be rather slow compared to the webconfig VNC. It would be easier for you if you used that.

@johndelayre to get Aeolus working on Zynthian you should do this:

  • Install the current stable version of Zynthian
  • Start Zynthian and add Aeolus engine as an engine. Note that the Zynthian implementation currently requires MIDI channels 1-4 to be available so ensure there are no engines using layers 1-4

To gain access to GUI:

  • Connect Zynthian to your network or directly to a PC / laptop
  • Access Zynthian webconf (often possible by pointing a web browser at zynthian.local but see guide on wiki)
  • Enable VNC from webconf System menu
  • Access VNC from webconf Software menu (This has moved to Interface menu on Testing branch)

You should now see Aeolus GUI in a VNC session within your web browser.

There are some old guides which are no longer relevant and need to be archived or removed. It looks like you found an old guide that is no longer relevant.

stable version points to a .md5 file. I assume the current version is:
I now have the Aeolus GUI on my computer display. I have hooked-up a monitor on the Zynthian.
How do I show the GUI on that monitor?

Sorry - my bad! I have edited my post to point to the right image.

The ability to use the HDMI ports on the Raspberry Pi as extra displays is not (currently) implemented. I would like to see this but deciding how best to implement this whilst supporting older hardware with just one HDMI, newer hardware with two HDMI and custom builds that use HDMI for the main display is a challenge. Currently the onboard HDMI sockets can only be configured to act as the main UI (instead of the default 3.5" touchscreen). You could raise a feature request to use the HDMI output(s) for another purpose.

The saga continues :crazy_face: I can get to to the Aeolus UI, can select stops. My zynthian is connected to a MIDI keyboard and to my HiFi amplifier through the audio jacks. Still no sound?
Sorry not to be more fluent in Raspberry (I used to be more fluent in DEC PDP-8 - that’s how old I am!)

PDP-8 isn’t that much different… well, maybe a touch!

Aeolus will respond to MIDI channels 1-4 with each of the first 3 manuals on channesl 1-3 and the pedals on channel 4. The stops are actually accessible from Zynthian control panels so no real need to access the GUI.

You need to go to Admin menu to select Multi-timbral Mode to allow each MIDI channel to control each manual / engine.

You need to send on MIDI channel 1,2,3,4 to play the manuals / pedals.

Check if the blue “m” in top right of Zynthian display shows when a MIDI note is sent from your keyboard. This indicates Zynthian is receiving MIDI.

Check if the audio level meters in top right indicate audio output. This indicates the sound engine is creating audio.

I restarted from scratch, just to make sure (flashing Zynthian). I’m still where I was: no sound. I did
[x] RBPI Headphones (also in Hardware Audio)
==> Muli-timbral Mode
And I never saw a blue “m” or a green audio. And I know my keyboard is OK and on MIDI Channel 1 (I tested it on my 2,500-pipe pipe organ).

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It’s all MIDI (6 Channels: 4 manuals, 1 pedal, #6 for expression pedal).
MIDI-RF connection between the console and the organ proper.
63 stops: 32 stops main+ 31 stops swell + toy counter (1925).
Want to use Zynthian and Aeolus to add 32’ stops. I already have a speaker that goes down to 17 Hz and I am currently using the Roland MX-200, outdated and very lunatic.
Almost 3,000 lines of code in VB6 to control the whole thing!


That organ is pretty impressive!

The fact you are not seeing blue MIDI shows that Zynthian is not receiving MIDI. What hardware are you using? Is it an official Zynthian kit? If so, which version? If not, what MIDI interface are you using?

You are best off disabling headphones unless you need to use the 3.5mm onboard sound output. The headphone output adds extra processing which is undesirable.

I have the latest official Zynthian V4.4

Are you using a 5-pin MIDI connection? Is the red LED for the MIDI input lighting when you play notes?

5-pin MIDI connection: YES
LED off when playing notes. That’s what’s bothering me

When I connect my MIDI keyboard to MIDI-THRU instead of MIDI-IN, I get the green horizontal bars and the blue “m”. And the MIDI-IN LED blinks

Have you included the LED’s in the MIDI circuits? They are an essential part of the interface.

Everything is connected as it should