Can't Upload Soundfonts[SOLVED]

Hi Zynthians,

i try to uplod some Soundfonts, but i get only Errors.
If i use the green upload button, it came the Message:

“500: Internal Server Error”

When i try to install some soundfonts from the “Search Musical Artifacts” Option, i get these Error:

"Can’t install URL: type object ‘zynthian_engine_fluidsynth’ has no attribute ‘zynapi_install’

Drag& Drop don’t work, the System saves the File on the PC.
I use Windows 10 with Firefox.

Have anyone an Idea?

Thanks for Help.
Regards Mario

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Yes. Sorry! We commited some changes by error and now the development version of the new Preset Manager is merged with Master. I don’t want to go back because it’s a bit of a mess and the new Preset Manager is almost ready, but “install from search results” and “upload” features are not ready yet. Please, be patient. I will to improve it along the next week …

Until then, you could try to upload the soundfonts directly to the zynthian using SFTP. You have to place your fonts in “zynthian/zynthian-my-data/soundfonts”, but please, look at “/zynthian/zynthian-sta/soundfonts” and mimic the directory structure. Note that “sfz” and “gig” have subdirectories (banks), while “sf2” no (each sf2 is a bank).


Hi jofemodo, thanks for the tip.
With sftp it works great.
But, i have tons of wav files, and don’t like to convert it in soundfonts.
If there an option (Sampler) for use wave files in zynthian?
Exampler and samplv1 i have installed, but can’t find the directory where the wav files must uploded.


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Currently it’s not easy to do. We need to improve the samplerv1 integration. In the current state is almost unusable. Sorry …

Hi @marber68!

I just updated the preset manager and soundfont uploading it’s working again! (and improved!!)



Hi @jofemodo!
Thanks for the news.
Thats great, good job.


Slightly different behaviour but same high-level issue - I can’t see my SFZ after uploading.

  • Navigate to http://zynthian.local/lib-presets
  • Select “LinuxSampler - SFZ/GIG Player”
  • Click Upload button
  • Drag zip to browser and click Upload
  • Can’t find the zip on Zynthian and does not appear in list of SFZ instruments

What am I doing wrong?

You are not providing logs… maybe browser JS log as well

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