Consider moving from Github

With the advent of Co-pilot now charging $10 a month to suggest code massaged from open source code, some people are moving their code off the platform.


This is one of the reason why I switched mainly to codeberg.

Well, i’m thinking about this from time ago, but moving from github is a good amount of work and we have other priorities. Also, i’m not sure about the alternatives. I wouldn’t like to choose a bad one. We need a stable and fast service, so we can concentrate on development and not being worried about the tools.
So … what alternatives we have?

  • Gitlab?
  • Codeberg?
  • Sfonservacy?
  • Others?


I generally agree with trying to use open source tools when possible and it’s worth reviewing our tools periodically. I don’t think GitHub is evil. The article does get close to extremist rhetoric which I don’t think is helpful in persuading people to consider their options. Nothing is free and GitHub is harvesting data to its advantage like all big-data owners. There is a legal argument that this may contravene licenses for which Microsoft must be held to account.

I’m not too worried about using GitHub but agree we should help to publicise potential breaches of license.

Hopefully they wont force you into a position where project development across repos and forks becomes involved. I find their merge policy on forks a little heavy handed, and worry it might be better the other side of their paywall.
It will be interesting to see how flexible vsc is in this regard. They are obviously looking down that sort of route.

One doesn’t move a project of this size lightly, to consider it, the reasons should be spelled out to make evaluating the alternatives’ pros and cons possible. If it’s software freedom one is after, GitLab is not a whole lot better than GH.

FWIW, I moved my own projects from GitLab to Codeberg because it’s properly open-source and it’s European so you’re not dealing with goofy US laws. It also didn’t hurt that you can become a member with voting rights, so you can really affect the direction it takes. I’ve been happy with it, but then my projects are quiet one-man hacks, nothing like the Zynthian community.

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Codeberg is a very small kind of github… It’s based on gitea.


When Co-Pilot was announced I was under the impression that you can disable it globally for a repo.
You can’t trust Microsoft. They are probably scanning all open source projects to gather ideas for their own products. What about GitLab ? It doesn’t look like the effort would be to difficult to migrate a repo from GitHub to GitLab. It’s an annoyance though. I’m willing to help.