Custom Boot Screen

Hi, everyone!

Every time any one of us powers on our Zynthian, the first thing we see (hopefully) is this:


Well, I am attempting to replace that image with a custom image I made in Blender:


I copied a .png version and a .gif version from a USB stick to /zynthian/zynthian-ui/img/, but, after rebooting, I saw:


I copied the files back from /img/, only to find that they were both:


Apparently, the images copied over successfully, but the Zynthian doesn’t display them on boot.


So… what exactly am I missing? Does this problem have anything to do with those .raw files?


Simply deleite de raw files and reboot.
Could you send the PNG files? I could replace the current ones with something better …


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@jofemodo Thanks for the tip!

No success as of yet. I’ll keep trying. Here are the images:



and now make it rotate :slight_smile:


In which axis…?

Around the error :)…X/z around y
I just looks blurry if it is static

and that’s before we start on startup sound… see short sound thread . . .

Do you think we might be overthinking this . … ?

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Nah, good idea!
We should broadcast a nice midi tune on all channels
Small prove that everything works :slight_smile:

Not good as a stage reboot. . . .

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@mheidt I’m with @wyleu. The image is enough. That is, if I can get it to work!!! :confounded:

I copied, copied, and recopied the files to /img/. I even copied /img/ back to my USB stick to confirm that it worked. I deleted all the .raw files and rebooted.


Maybe I should try reflashing my SD card. :thinking: What do you guys think?

Another idea:

I’ll look into it when I have time.

Yes, I was thinking the same when I wrote it and chuckled

Not ever played with raw. Presumably it’s a data dump straight into the framebuffer…?


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I tried making my own .raw files and copying them to /img/, but I still got the original boot screen. Time to try reflashing my SD card.

You have to remove this folder with its contents:


and copy your png to:


Then reboot …

The problem is that your files will be over overwrite on every update.

Let me try your images … :wink:

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OK! I love them. I just replaced the old ones in the master repoitory :wink:
Those wanting to enjoy the new ones, simply remove the:





Yes! It finally works! @jofemodo Thanks so much for your guidance!
I’ll post a victory soundclip once I’m done backing up my SD card. :wink:



Oh dear! Either my eyesight has dramatically worsened in the past few minutes or the new splash screens are horribly out of focus on my 1024x600 7" screen. Sorry but I don’t like it :frowning: .