DAWless, uDAW, ZynSeq and Alternatives to DAWs

Benn Jordan with an interesting " Addictive Alternative To DAWs":

The actual products, MIDINOUS and Nodal, are available for PCs and Macs.

Some interesting ideas for possible implementation in Zynthian-ZynSeq. In some ways-sense MIDINOUS could be looked at as an alternative UI-view of Zynseq.

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A video about Blockhead (experimental digital audio workstation - some interesting ideas on setting tempo and letting it vary.

I couldn’t tell whether the author-presenter intends to make it open source, but I didn’t actually make it to the end of the video. There are Linux, Windows, and Mac ‘alpha’ versions available for download from Patreon, which looks like there is either a no, or at least, low cost access available. I got enough of an idea what it is from watching the video.

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Seems a bit like Orac but nicer(?) GUI. Sort of like adding graphic tiles to text based Dwarf Fortress or the OLED to Deluge. Some user just like easier graphics/UI.

Interesting way to look at it - Does that comment apply to one or both-all of the above videos-programs, and of course, if one, which? I am a bit familiar with Orac, I’ve gotten it running on an RPi, but never on a real Organelle. It has occasionally crossed my mind that it could run as an ‘engine’-[special chain] in Zynthian. But I don’t think it would add much functionality. I’ve heard of Deluge, never heard of Dwarf Fortress, I’ll check them out.

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