Drumgizmo preset <-> snapshot

Hello everybody,

I’m still learning, so I wonder how these things relate:
I’ve setup drumgizmo and installed a drumkit (using VNC Engine) and created a drumgizmo preset for it. It works nice!
Is there a way to save/restore the current configuration using a snapshot? As far as I can see, the snapshot only starts drumgizmo, but it doesn’t restore my preset. Did I get anything wrong? Or should I just update and it will work? :slight_smile:

Please take me for a ride! :+1:

Hi @ey77

You are on the right track but currently it is a bit arduous to make this work. After saving the preset you have to use webconf SOFTWARE->LV2-Plugins and click “Search for new Plugins & Presets”. This takes a few minutes and probably breaks webconf and the Zynthian (kinda) so a reboot may be required but after this, the preset you saved will be available to the plugin and can be saved in a snapshot.

Aaah, ok, I just found your explanation for the pianoteq preset question and was already fiddling around. In drumgizmo I can only save a preset but not browse for an existing preset. Am I supposed to save that preset to a certain location? Like “captures” folder or so? Because I saved my preset in “zynthian/drumkits”. And after clicking “Search for new Plugins & Presets” I don’t know where I should be looking. I also did a reboot afterwards.
Thanks for your quick reply!

The “Search for new Plugins & Presets” adds any LV2 plugins or presets found. I can’t remember where it searches but the default location offered when saving from the GUI should be fine. Once presets are saved (and added via webconf search) they are accessible in the normal Zynthian GUI. When adding a new layer you will be offered the list of presets unless there is only one in which case that is selected by default. Within the layer’s control screen you can press “SNAPSHOT” button to access the presets.

Ok, I’ve tried it several times:

  • I created a preset in drumgizmo (directly on zynthian using the Engines UI)
  • saved it (at some location and at the default location)
  • in webconf clicked “Search for new Plugins & Presets” (looks like zynthian reboots?!?)
  • drumgizmo is running, but no preset is selected
  • I remove the synth and add it again, but there is no preset available.

Is the preset supposed to show up in the library? It doesn’t.
I hope for some insights, to get better at “zynthian” :slight_smile:

The presets are normally saved in the “/root” directory. A lv2 preset is a bundle dir with ‘.lv2’ extensión (normally). You have to copy them to:


After this, click the search buton in the webconf .

Anyway, i will try to improve this ASAP.


Yes, that did the trick!
I moved my preset ‘.lv2’ folder to exactly that location, did the search again et voila! :slight_smile:

Thank you!:+1: