Dusty Hill

I read about bassist, Dusty Hill missing his first ever ZZ Top gig recently and was saddened to hear today that he has passed away. I have fond memories of seeing the band in the late 1980’s at the Milton Keynes Bowl. They were brilliant and funny with many tricks that made us laugh including riding around in Dalek style trash robots and also, apparently moonwalking, then suddenly stopping and drift towards each other on a hidden conveyor belt… I was described as a sharp dressed man by our lead singer as we segued from Gimme All Your loving into Sharp Dressed Man. I loved playing those songs.

Dusty will be missed by many after over 50 years of ZZ Top.

Vale Dusty. A hell of a blues bass player and a gritty rock tenor.

I loved their later 80s stuff, one of the bands that helped me move from rock guitar to synths. But I also loved them as a blistering 70s blues rock band.

There’s no one quite like Dusty and ZZ.

My first ever album was also ZZ top’s first album. I was a little 7 year old kid. I loved that record then. Still love that record now. There is something amazing that happens with three piece bands that can make the sound of 10 players… (motorhead, the police, cream)

Billy, call me up if you need a spare beard!!!

I just heard about Dusty passing away today, from this site. I haven’t been watching much tv lately and the tunes I listen to are mostly from my own collection. I went with my girlfriend who is my wife now to see ZZTOP at the Providence Civic Center for the Eliminator tour, and later the Recycler tour. I really like the old stuff too “Jesus just left Chicago”, “Tush”, “I Thank You”… the list just goes on. I enjoy listening to that band. Dusty will be missed.

:face_with_monocle: Here’s a little tribute, although belated. I actually knew them back in Heaven or Hell or Houston. When Rocky was playing (before Billy), they dyed their hair blue and called the band The American Blues. The Cellar Club had both live music and topless dancers.

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