Elegoo display bad colour and touchscreen

HI to all,
I mounted an Elegoo 3.5 display on raspberry p3 b +, I selected PiScreen 3.5 (v2) in the online configuration, the display works but with staggered colors and the touchscreen is inverted. Anyone have this problem?
I would also like to ask you where to find a list of displays that work 100% on raspberry p4 and if there is a clear guide to connect the 4 encoders directly to the board.
Thanks for any info

Hi and welcome @Lanjazz ,

Your display looks like the (un)famous tft35a

A long post about it:

I thought that this display, after that discussion, was merged in the list of supported device, but no …

Thanks to @Buddhafiner who has documented the steps to get it working:

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Many thanks le51,
I tried in every way … it doesn’t work. I wrote to Elegoo who answered me after 10 minutes … They have already downloaded Zynthian and said they will look for a solution as soon as possible … If it is true they are very good …

This is Elegoo’s reply:

Thanks for your kind reply and feedback. We will download the Zynthian image file and check this problem.
*Should you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us. *
Have a nice day!

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