Enable and disable VNC server from admin menu

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So it’s pretty rudimentary right now (just runs systemctl start and enable and stop and disable for the services) and checks for the service status.

I have made a pull request with the changes.

I don’t know if maybe this is more useful if i add an install VNC option first if the service is not installed, i was just trying to get acquainted with how the menu system works.

This does persist between reboots but it does so by using systemd.


What happens if you exercise the setting when vnc is not installed? Does zynthian_gui issue any errors or warnings (command line / log)?

If this feature is added to stable build then vnc should be installed by default (rather than installation triggered by application). That is the standard way to do things here.

I llike the use of systemd for persistent status but maybe @jofemodo knows better, e.g. it may or may not be desirable to save such a setting in backups in which case the zynthian configuration class would be used.

I wonder how many remote access methods we want to add here? vnc, ssh, x-forwarding, rdp, parsec, letmein?

I wonder how many remote access methods we want to add here? vnc, ssh, x-forwarding, rdp, parsec, letmein?

I think that VNC is really great to remote Zynthian UI via a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. For example when you want your zynthian in a distant position, like a pedalboard or a rack.

The main thing with VNC is that it comes builtin into the pi, somewhat at the very least. I just went with it because the installation was simple and it’s better then x-forwarding for some debugging.

I will check now to see what is the behavior of the zynthian if the service is not installed (maybe only show the menu if it’s installed or add it to a hidden developer menu?)

do you know how much cpu/ram ressources this service use when it is enabled and used ?

Here are the system stats (filtered by “vnc”), when the VNC service is running with 1 client connected:

And with the service stopped:

By the looks of it it really does not mean much effort for the Zynthian so that’s a good thing, thanks for the question!

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Thanks for response :wink:

Yep, it’ seems no to be that much ressources consuming. Good to know.

Excellent. I am running VNC on a second X-Display so that it does not display the Zynthian UI but can be used to display output from synth UIs, or in my case QJackCtl. I just created an xsecondscreen.service to run that. I wonder if it would be possible to integrate that in the admin setting.

I could totally integrate that as an option but I need @jofemodo approval for this, as I’m basically doing it on my own, I’m not 100% sure if it can be integrated as is, as @riban said before.

That’s actually one of the use cases I had in mind in fact, so it could be very interesting.