Eurorack Zynthian

Has someone made a front plate for mounting zynthian in a eurorack?

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Not sure if anyone’s done a true eurorack version yet, but people have built rack-mounted zynthians already. A few examples:

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a custom made metal front plate would be cool. You can design an own one: but its not cheap.

Well what’s cheap. lol
I wanted to mount if with a Moog into an waldorf kb37.
so probably about 30 hp left if I through all other out.

AFAIK, nobody did it until now…but i’ve some ideas for doing it:

  • Have you thought about the RBPi position and securing?
  • Would you like to add CV/Gate jacks? I’m working on implementing the zynaptik “extras”, that would allow this.



Yes, but I haven’t looked up yet.
cv would be fine.or even more.
perhaps prototyping with fillament.
perhaps this panel if it should be there in the future
can be nice for your Webshop.
opens arms in other directions too.

This is a great idea. I’ve been thinking about that myself and will see if I can make some headway in that regard when I get back from my next work trip. I’ve been pondering using the zynthian in a eurorack suitcase alongside a synth and being able to route through effects on the rack. That would allow me to just carry my two midi keyboards and control the synth with one and the zynthian through my weighted setup for piano sounds via Pianoteq.