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Resonator Glockenspiel

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Translation of: unreal-instruments Soundfont Guitar

Standard Guitar sforzando

It is a SoundFont for electric guitars for
Various playing styles such as sustain, mute, pulling, and hammering can be accessed with a key switch.
44.1kHz / 24Bit Flac
B1 ~ E5 stereo (doubling)
F5 ~ D6 monaural
Round robin (up to 16)
About 2400 samples
Sampling a humbucker pickup guitar
Recording noise such as picking noise and stop noise
Vibrato control and resonance control by control change
This library is a DI recording
Make sounds with your amp simulator
Confirmed operation with sforzando v1.916
It is a sound source that can be displayed in GUI
Installation guide
Operating manual
Other instruments

The download is some 720Mb

One of several other sources: has samples in different formats, I suspect the most expressive versions are in Kontakt format.

You can Google “sfz”
to identify about 53 .sfz examples

Herer’s a 7 min. youtube video story of the 110 year old Steinway B sampled in the “Sol’s Piano” download at pianobook.


Have you make it (ui-guitar) work on Zynthian?
I’ve loaded samples, but it seems it has a lot of tags not supported by Linux Sampler.

No, I did not upload this instrument to Zynthian and did not plan to do so.
Linuxsampler, is really too primitive for such complex instruments a priori.

I publish freely distributed sample sets in this topic, meaning that you will most likely use this on a computer with VSTi, like Sforzando or Sfizz…
some samples will work in Zynthian, and some will not…

you can also post your findings here… join us :slight_smile:

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