Hard times for tinkerers

A lot of small companies are suffering from components shortage.

What an excellent opportunity to become more efficient.

Just read the Synthtopia link. Some of those guys get really mean and nasty. It made me appreciate this Zynthian Discourse a lot more.

I’ve not been able to get some parts for my old synths; thinking about looking for used.

I guess I was lucky to buy my Zynth and other RPi when I could.

It’s an opportunity to finish all those projects in the draw that you have and forgot about while you waited 59 days for that AliExpress part.

Or… take your hacking skills and use them to grow vegetables.

(And so began the start of the broccolian era)

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We are probably sitting on a small fortune of unused silicon in our junk drawers :> To eBay I say!


I came across a recent post presumably by the guy behind Monome detailing some of their supply chain, support and design issues. Our post consumer world might be entering the new age repair man era cos you just can’t get anything else working otherwise.


I am willing to help a bit with the hardware.
There is a spare Zynthian in my drawer, which I can offer to sell. It’s a complete Zynthian v4 with the 8GB Raspi 4B.
Pls contact if interested.

I’m answering a post from August 2022 in March 2023, so probably not much help, but in the interest of possibly helping future Zynthianers trying to maintain a vintage-old synthesizer and looking for replacement parts, you might try:

They have a pretty extensive stock. And an interesting YouTube channel.

Thanks for the thoughtful message. I’ve bought parts from Syntaur, but they didn’t have all I needed. I live close enough to visit their store, but haven’t got around to it yet. I got key contact strips for an old Korg SP100, but they didn’t have front panel parts for a Triton Classic. I got a good deal on a lightly used Kronos, which replaces the Triton (and every other synth I have packed away in storage). And the new Zynthian OS is keeping me pretty busy.
I’ll check out your thread next time I get on Zynthian Discourse. Jofemodo says something big is coming.


0,71€ in 2019 !!!