Have I told you lately

Course you could go and submit to the Jump challenge which is taking place in one of the innumerable draughty rooms in Zynthian Castle, here or here about . . .


Also, bang the YK chorus on it as well.

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On it.

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Fantastic ! Is this all Zynthian ?
(Sorry I’m new here)
Kind regards

Everything but the drums :slight_smile:

Well those sounds are absolutely gorgeous, great playing too. Reminds me what it’s all about : music!
Anyway i’m one of the those trying to break free from DAW…playing with an Octatrack and ‘real’ bass, guitars and vocals, the only remaining problem was getting rid of Reason (i’m a Thor addict), and it seems the Zynthian is the ticket to that.
Thanks for sharing these tracks,

I use Reason and Zynthian.
Awesome combo :slight_smile:

I see you use Reason 10 to record. Simple question; why not use the keyboards and other instruments available in Reason? Is the Zynthian that good, compared to those? I personally aim at the Zynthian to go completely hardware, you see what I mean?
OK gotta go back to my nap now (I live in France after all😉)
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Good question.

Yes I think many of the instruments in Zynthian are better. Some of them are just more interesting than the ones in Thor or NN XT.

Try the OBXD f.x. (You need pi4 though)

I’ve been A/B testing Radical Keyes and Zynthian rhodes/keys and the Zynthian keyboard sounds are much more interesting. Open source sampling with all the imperfections can be great.

There is also something to be said about having the Zynthian as a hardware and creativity. There is something different about having some knobs to turn.

The plus side is being able to take your Zynthian on the road and play it live.


Is it possible to -don’t quite know how to put this- ‘play’ more than one ‘instrument’ at the same time?
I guess my question is about layering, not sure. In fact I hope it’s possible to obtain the ‘marble rolling’ arpeggios like it is on the Organelle.
to be honest I hope the Zynthian (which I choose above the Organelle for a number of reasons) has at least equivalent ‘creative’ capacities, see what I mean?
to me it’s a lot about sound exploration, but it’s hard to get an idea of the Zynthian’s capabilities just by going on YT.
I’m sorry but it’s part of the quest, I have the same disorder when it comes to tube amps and guitars (which I build myself). I am searching for that perfect sound.
Aren’t we all?
have a nice easter weekend,

Yes :slight_smile:

Someone can maybe explain this better but you can play several layers an once by assigning different midi channels.

It’s the clone option in the Options Menu.

Actually that doesn’t appear to be behaving itself…

Anyone else not able to move of MIDI screen…? I’m not actually using encoders on this machine so it could be an edge case. . .

Yes, thanks a lot for this feedback. I actually read about Aeolus aswell, wonder if this has anything to do with my question? Mmm, guess I’ll just have to wait to find out for myself :wink:
Going for the Zynthian is a bit ‘risky’ considering there’s not an awful amount of demos available, but the little information I found made me pull the trigger, so I just hope I did the right thing.

Please allow me to throw in a link to my YT channel (SheLovesDisco!), with some videos I made of some of my songs.

There’s a lot more but the whole video creation just isn’t my thing. I make music for films and other ‘normal’ stuff like indie.

Anyway I felt like I might do this, maybe to introduce myself a little bit.



Ohhh! really nice stuff! Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see how do you use the Zynthian … :relaxed:

I’m having a slight ‘cold-sweat’ sensation since a few hours…I can’t find any clear information about the possibility of the Zynthian to do arpeggio, apart from the Helm plugin.
Is this something I should worry about? :thinking:

It can do arpeggio, but you have to do more sweating:

We still don’t have a particularly “zynthonic” way of arping yet.

Thanks Rip,

I start to realise that arpeggios aren’t exactly simple to integrate on open-source based machines.
So in that case what exactly are the ‘arpeggio banks’? (saw that name flashing by in a video on YT) Chords roll modulation maybe?
I also found the original thread you started, this kind of reassures me. The thing is I’m really new to the whole concept of open-source programming/hacking so unexpected items keep showing up in my head.
Anyway thanks again, we might get back to this later on.

Some of the engines support an arp, but not all, and those that do have patches which arpeggiate Helms will be under an Appeggio bank .

So this means that there are arp pads available?
Well, this is all very fascinating I must say, I feel like I might be on the brink of learning a new language.