Van Halen - Jump

Does anyone by any chance have a preset of one of our engines for Van Halen’s Jump?

Jump was played on an OB-X, so the OB-Xd would be the first place to look. I’ve not looked at them yet but there might be something in the presets here Also you’ll probably want to stick it inline with a chorus and a reverb to fatten it up a bit.

I think there might be one in the linuxsampler sound set under the synth bank too.

obxd didn’t work well on a raspi3+.
Xruns. But I will give it another try on a Raspi4.
I hoped for an sf2 or a different engine though.

Obx works smoothly un rbpi4


Van_Halen_-_Jump.mid (57.3 KB)

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Not, Van Helsing - Bump (in the night)? (Frighteningly bad humour!!! :hugs:)

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Hello Markus,
i was also looking for a sound setting for JUMP. I tried the Helm/SF Brass CC2. I think its near the origninal. I tried it also for the “Final Countdown”
The OBX also have Xruns at my Pi 3+.


Sound samples Sir !!, sounds samples !!! :slight_smile: :face_with_monocle:


No sorry, SF brass cc2 is not good enough. The one on my D50 is better.

Ha! The one on your D50 may be the one on the record :grinning:. The D50 was very popular. Actually, the D50 was released five years after Jump :slightly_smiling_face:.

Van Halen used OB-X & Marshall (perhaps) … we can as ever thank our the Internet or providing a proper analysis as to quite how many angels can dance on the head of a pin…
I particularly like the Jump muck up, which might or might not depending on who you read be a 44.1/48 mash up . . .

The pursuit of a particular sound can often be a fools errand as emotional feel and sound can be different things, and the multiple additions of a mix down can run a simple sound throu’ all manner of regal and not so regal gear can make massive differences.

I’m sure one can get close but it is unlikely that we will ever match the excitement of Van Halen’s carefully nurtured and superbly crafted offering on a rainy Tuesday evening in the local pub . . . :slight_smile:

Course you can plough your own furrow . . . .

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Mr @mheidt, in his fight for getting a decent Jump preset, has developed a preset converter for OBXd that convert “fxb” banks to LV2. It’s already integrated in our beloved “preset2lv2” converter, that is already integrated in the zynthian webconf’s preset manager.
He just sent to me the preset and i’ve tried to emulate the first chords of Jump:

Jajaja! OK … my playing is not the best … so, please, someone with better skills could improve my poor recording? @mheidt?

Ladys & gentleman … enjoy the new preset manager!! You can convert Dexed’s SysEx and OBXd’s FXBs. You can upload individual files or compressed directories with several files, etc. Just update and enjoy!

Ahhh! The OBXd bank with the JUMP preset:

012 - Kujashi.fxb (120.8 KB)



OK! A little bit of “Tal Reverb” and the sound improves :metal:

Why not making a little competition? :grin: @mheidt, @wyleu, i will be waiting for your samples …


Yes, it was worth the effort. Now I am capable of playing with zynthian sounds only.


Course for those living under the oppressed yoke of 12Mb mice . . .:slight_smile: life is not so sweet . . . :smiley:

Hence my need for a ‘b’ key to MIDI kill :slight_smile: . . . .

All copyright acknowleged . . .

Mind you that is by far the worst playing… . . :roll_eyes:

unless you can do worse … :face_with_monocle:

@riban … :? :smiley:

and what is the C/D/G thing at the end of the riff? :thinking:


Never though of it like that, I’ve always mentally placed the sus4 C as above the root. . .

How do I put it to my soundfont?
I have 3 folders:
gig, sf2, sfz

Whats to do?

It’s the drop down

and just drag and drop the file into the dialog that appears for Upload… :slight_smile:

If you installed this

you find 20 banks.
The Kujashi is the original.
If you import all banks, the obxd load will take forever.
I am gonna import the KVR banks, because they just reorganized all the other banks into instrument groups.

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