Headless Zynthian + Raspberry Pi + Pure Data + Midi Controller = Granular Sampler?

:wave: :wave: Hello folks, :wave: :wave:

I have this idea of creating a Granular Sampler out of a headless Raspberry Pi, controlled by a midi controller (Akai MidiMix).


  • the Rapsberry Pi would run headlessly a Granular Sampler Pure Data script with or without Zynthian.
  • A sample bank would be preloaded in the Raspberry Pi SD card.
  • Since it is controlled by the Akai MidiMix. I had those midi control in mind:

I’ve been cruising Github and the Web for interesting scripts… hard to find something :exploding_head:

:thinking: Have you folks tried some interesting Pure data scripts that could make the idea work? Have you experienced similar ideas? Could it work headlessly with Zynthian?

Cheers :dizzy: :dizzy:

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Perhaps peripheral to your goals, just being sure you’ve seen CUIA: Callable UI Actions (Callable UI Actions. ) for Controlling the UI with MIDI messages

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Pure data vanilla runs headless on the Zynthian. I have used an Arturia Minilab to control pure data patches on the Zynthian and it works fine. I have never tried to run the Zynthian UI headless. Using a touchscreen is a much better experience for me because it makes it very easy to access the vast list of Zynthian features. Lets say you want to add external effects to your Granular Sampler. With the Zynthian you can do that easily and so much more.

This forum and the Zynthian wiki has all the info you need to get it going. If you get stuck there are plenty of folks here willing to help.

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This PD script from Yann Seznec is pretty powerful…

I just tried the Granular-Sampler patch out on a RPI4 zynthian with a minilab controller. Some of the controllers do not affect the sound immediatly when changes are made, but this also happened when I tried it on my windows pc. Other than the delayed reactions, its seemed to work okay.

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Nice! Gonna try it out very soon!
You did the Midi assignment directly in Zynthian setup page?

I made the midi controller assignments in the patch by adding ctlin objects to match the midi cc of each encoder. I usually run and edit the pd patch on a pc. Then I save it and create a zip file with all of the associated files and upload the zip file to the Zynthian using the webconf. One could also create a yaml file to expose the controls on the Zynthian UI and include it in the zip, but didn’t need to do that to perform the test. Further details can be found in this thread: Adding Pure Data synths ....(and Csound?)

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ok! I get it :nerd_face: :nerd_face: