Helm synthesizer


Hello there,
I’m starting this thread under the guise of answering @wyleu 's questions here :wink:
I’d love if this will become a place to share experiences and ideas with the great Helm synth.

So, to answer your questions: I’m using a 2 octaves and 8 knobs midi controller. That sound is the preset SF Arp 2 and the parameters I’ve mapped are: volume, cutoff (lp filter), arp_gate (with arp_pattern set to random, which is 1 in zynthian gui), sub_volume, noise_volume, and the three reverb controls which are reverb_feedback, reverb_dry_wet and reverb_damping.
Actually I was kind of improvising so I’m not sure I can tell you what I was doing and when. Basically I think I was playing C3 and C4, while tweaking those controls.

If you’re interested, here’s some records I’ve made in ubuntu studio …helm is almost everywhere :smiley: I can’t wait to use the zynthian in my experiments, actually the fact that it runs helm is what made me discover the project!



AAah but can it do a sine wave to the standards expected by those oh so picky radio valve heaters…?


have no faintest idea :smirk: are you one of “those”?


well, to explain it in modern breathless style, I’ll bring you quickly up to date without all the tedious special effects . . .

Two BBC ragamuffins one from the Colourful Elysian fields of Television, and the other from the rank decaying world of wireless ( but not in secure way) were discussing the relative merits of line up tone, ignoring their petty squabbles about whether or not the frequency should be 1000Hz ( or not)., they did both agree that having each zynthian engine generate a continuous sine wave at the correct level, would allow standardization and consistency to emerge, thus avoiding confusion and delay.

So we are looking to you, with a mission, should you choose to accept it.
Produce a Helm preset that simply generates a continuous sine wave of the proper amplitude and the correct frequency…?

If this task is completed you will be either:

stripped, covered in honey, and thrown into the weekend residential tent of the Dagenham girl pipers.



Choose wisely . . . :smiley:

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ah-ha! thanks for the detailed explanation, now I see…
since the reward seems interesting I will think about it :wink:
I don’t have too much time to play with the zynth lately, and when I do I have other priorities like…learn the basic usage :smiley: but for sure I will share the so-coveted preset here soon or later


I never got such a reward for my huge efforts with Zynthian, but i could achieve to understand that generating PURE SINE WAVE patches is something almost divine and should deserve the higher merit in this community.

Let’s buy a lot of honey, then … :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Are there any reports, that somebody survived the night?

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I spent many years attending the Barking and Dagenham Town Show at which these were a star attraction. A misspent childhood turned me into the man I am today! I can’t taste honey without flintching…

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