Help needed!MCP23017 Waveshare

Hi there!
Respect for the Zynthian Project! Its awesome!
I have a Problem with my Encoder.
Iam using a MCP23017 with rotary encoder.
Iam trying all to get them work but… nothing!
Here are some Pics of my Prototype!

Wiring setup in WebConf:
Encoders MCP23017 with default wiring

Please can you help me?

Can you see the MCP23017 using i2cdetect -Y 1 from the command line?

That will tell you if the i2c bus is behaving correctly which will narrow the problem down.

Hi, I used custom wiring with encoders straight to the GPIO but I can think of a problem that you might have:
You should connect 3.3 V to the + pin of each encoder. (I think your encoders have resistors on their boards)

Hope It’ll help.

Yes iam trying it an it says, that the MCP is detected

Trying that too!!On one Pic, you see one Encoder, with is connected to 3.3volt!
Yes the Encoders have Resistors

Ok so the issues are all over on the 23017 pins…

Start by buzzing them with a multimeter. Not just for continuity but shorts…

You can connect a multimeter across the outer two pins on an encoder and you should get pips of continuity as you turn it, which does indicate some degree of overall health.

Once tyou are reasonably sure the electrons are heading in the correct direction then you have the issue of the customised webconf. Don’t forget the innterupts as well. These need to be correct otherwise nothing will happen. ( I lost about six weeks to that one when working with arduino’s :slight_smile: )

Actually are you sure those are connect to 0V encoders ? There are two types and the ones that have a +V pin need different wiring ?

Ok i will try it later at Home and let you know whats the result! So The Encoders have


SW is connected to Ground, when i press

I think this thread might have discussed it . . . .