Help playing mp3 files in audio player

Hey people,

and first of all a big thanks to the new 2211!

I tried to upload a few mp3s into the captures folder to play along to.

But within the new audio player they are not listed.
Am I missing some thing?
Is there another tool to play audio files which were uploaded through the web interface?

Have a nice Zynthurday :upside_down_face:

Hi @Fresh030

Sorry, the audio player doesn’t yet support MP3. See this ticket.

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Oh, thanks for your help!
But wavs seem to work… so I go with that for now

Wav, ogg and flac are all supported. I will have a look at MP3 support.

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As MP3 patent has expired, libsnd now fully supports mp3 decoding, so enabling it for zynthian should be quite easy:


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You may say that… I spent some time yesterday trying to create deb packages for the lib and dev. Not quite so easy. When we migrate to Bullseye I think it will be sorted but now…

[Edit] …but where there is a will… I have created branch feature/716_mp3_support to zynthian-sys repro which adds mp3 support. I found it too challenging (time consuming) to build working deb packages (the dev package wasn’t working properly) so I just added a binary shared library for the updated libsndfile (and the other changes required to support mp3 - and other audio formats). Also requires zynthian-ui branch bug/782_audioplayer_crash.

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