Hi New user - just ordered a kit


New user here.

I have a Pi 4 with HIFIBerry DAC + ADC Pro working with a Nektar SE25 controller and using an iPad as UI Display using VNC Client App.

It was a bit of fun setting it up as I didn’t have immediate access to a wired Ethernet connection to connect to on my current wireless router, so I had to dig around in a cold outbuilding to find my old router to allow me to use the web config to set up the WiFi.
After a bit of messing about, it all works OK now.

Main drawback of course is the lack of easy immediate change of control settings using an iPad, so after research on this site, and some soul searching about spending the money at the moment, I decided to bite the bullet and order a full kit and a “suitcase” to put it.

I can’t wait to get it now!

From my (as yet limited) use with the gear I have, I am seriously impressed with what I hear having plugged into amp and speakers, and even through the Pi onboard headphone socket, somewhat surprisingly given what I had read about the quality of the Pi’s onboard audio.

I couldn’t quite figure out from the spec of the kit if it includes the extra components to extend the IO for CV and Gate etc?

This is something I want to have for a project I intend to do.

When the kit arrives and after I get it screwed together, I’ll post the obligatory piccie and a quick sound file of a test.



Welcome aboard, @deldor!


Cheers! :+1:

I put this in my original post above which wasn’t answered at the time, and I had already ordered the kit…

The reason I thought it might have included the parts in the:

Zynaptik Expander Kit

was the wording in the kit description about the [PCB-0005] Zynaptik Module v3 & v4:

“The Zynaptik Module v3 has includes the circuitry for the 3 standard MIDI ports (IN/OUT/THRU), totally soldered and ready to work. It also includes extra circuitry (not soldered) for implementing analog input/output and extra digital intput/output

I didn’t receive this, should I have?

To me “not soldered” doesn’t mean “not supplied”…

If not, may I suggest changing the wording to make it clear you have to buy the extra Zynaptik Expander Kit? Something like:

“You will need to buy the extra Zynaptik Expander Kit to solder into the PCB of the Module”

If it wasn’t meant to be included then I’ll have to pay more postage for a new order now I guess…


The wind whistles and tumbleweed rolls through…

The A/D options are very much in development as a concept. The actual implementation is on the board but the specific components The A-> D and the D-> modules aren’t fitted. These need to be purchase separately. I think jofe spoke of providing the little wired modules required but I don’ remember if that was implemented.
Certainly I have the board somewhere, I was going to implement pedal that way but as with much of the hardware facilities like this it’s provided to embedded a physical stands against which we implement functionality via the software.

ADS1115 is certainly one module as mentioned it this thread.

It’s very much an official implementation but quite how signals get presented and what is considered standard use cases are very much up for grabs . To some that is a tremendous advantage because CV’s in and out are second nature to them, for others this might appear a little hap-hazard. Ultimately there are two basic controls philosophies at work. Zynthian control ( this pedal on the control input is conytrolling zynthian gui control xyz ) or MIDI control ( This pedal on the control input is generating MIDI controll CC’s and the zynth picks these up as normal MIDI control and reacts accordingly).

This is exactly the issue as seen for traeating the zynth as just another module ( JAM ) controoled by analogue CV’s and triggers. Obviously this is all possible but I’m not aware of too much push, unless of course you want to do it?

IT really boils down to what are you trying to do? Do you have a very specific use case ( I wish to use CV & trigger with my Doepler eurorack . … ) or is it a generic feature, cos it’s not just the modules it’s how connectors might be presented to external kit. IT’s easy to imagine the functionality but another game entirely to make it part of a physical system, especially if you are going to transport the bits as seperate components.

Thanks for replying.

I have a project to send a CV in from a little board I am designing, related to a guitar circuit, but top secret at the moment. Lol!

My point was that the:

Zynaptik Expander Kit

is offered as an extra, which I would have bought when I bought my kit, but as the wording I highlighted in my post above yours, about the Zynaptic Module is very ambiguous and IMO alludes to the parts being supplied but not soldered in, perhaps as an electronics engineer I’m just stupid to expect it to be clear.

It isn’t.

Never mind.

Again, thanks for your reply.

I’m told I’m an electronic engineer. It can be a pure science.

The schematics are available and the code is open-source so the sort of design you are considering should be possible. I managed to get my degree with very little programming but this was back in the day when polyphonic synths were about as far as one could go.

I’ve learnt a lot of programming stuff in the mean time and quite how one turns an idea into feature on a project that is as open source as this one has almost as many answers as users. I don’t know how much coding you are considering but the sort of development you might be considering needn’t reveal too much IP and any pull requests on the code base will be gratefully received and reviewed.

IF you’d like to help suggest how this could be documented then that would be great! If you had a go at doing it then that would be even better.
As with most commercial products that open-source their environments, and to many that is an enormous attraction, there are areas that may differ from a product expectation.


I think my point is being entirely misunderstood - or being ignored.
I am not asking for help implementing anything.

Put simply:

1: The wording in the description of the Zynaptic Module is:

“The Zynaptik Module v3 has includes the circuitry for the 3 standard MIDI ports (IN/OUT/THRU), totally soldered and ready to work. It also includes extra circuitry (not soldered) for implementing analog input/output and extra digital intput/output

2: The text I have highlighted is, I believe very misleading and I think suggests that the Expander Module parts are supplied but not soldered into the Zynaptic Module.

3: I made a suggestion that if they aren’t, as you appear to be saying, then it should be made unambiguous in that description in order to avoid some other poor sod having the same foolish belief as a idiot like me did.

4: My (Free Of Charge) suggestion was that it should be something like:

“The Zynaptik Module v3 has includes the circuitry for the 3 standard MIDI ports (IN/OUT/THRU), totally soldered and ready to work. It also includes extra positions on the PCB for implementing analog input/output and extra digital intput/output, but you will need to buy the extra Zynaptik Expander Kit to solder into the PCB of the Module


Over and out.

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I can’t alter shop pages, but thanks for suggesting the change.

Still be nice to see pictures or hear sounds but I’d understand it not :smiley:

I agree that the wording in the shop is ambiguous. @jofemodo, I suggest changing this to, “The module may be enhanced by adding… (whatever it needs with a link to the part)”.

Sorry @deldor that your observation hasn’t yet been responded to. It is only @jofemodo with the authority to deal with that and he must be occupied with other business at the moment. Thanks for contributing with this observation and your suggested solutions. You are certainly understood. I am sure that @wyleu is simply corresponding on the elements of the subject that he is interested in without the intention of distracting from the primary subject matter. :grinning:

I copied some of this from the Zynthian pantomime thread I put it in by mistake…


I’ve got round the slightly higher cost of a new order and postage for the Expansion Kit parts from the shop, by buying the MCP23017 and the ADS1115 little board from a well known selling platform beginning with “E” and from UK sellers too - supposedly!

I decided, as I don’t need CV out at the moment, not to buy the MCP4728 board as I am not ready to jump into the code to try to “slay that dragon” :grinning: just yet…
…maybe a bit later… :nerd_face:

…And the MCP23017 has now arrived…

Just waiting for the ADS1115…(paid extra for faster postage and it is later than the one I didn’t!)

@deldor check out this thread for details of the kit. You will see there are some questions about how to fit the parts as well as some suggestions. We need some feedback from @jofemodo to let us know how best to install the modules. I have deduced the orientation from various drawings but there is the possibility of error so I would like to hear it from our uberlord.

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Thanks - looks like @jofemodo has replied in that thread regarding headers and using right angle 10 way. I believe that the ADS1115 modules will come with those but if not I have quite a few…dozen!

I agree about maybe having sockets but also it should be compulsory for all humankind to learn to solder! It must be a legal requirement! :grinning:

Hi @deldor!

Sorry for the bad redaction in the zynaptik’s description and the delay on answering your post. My fault. I didn’t read your messages until now.

I will fix the text immediately and i would send you an “Expander Kit” if you still need it yet. If not, i’ve several ways of compensating the fault :grin:

The best!

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Hi @joefmodo

I have now got an MCP23017 which I got (very quickly) from a UK Ebay supplier and as above, am waiting for a ADS1115 from a different one, but if it isn’t a problem or too costly to you, then if you have a kit (which of course includes the MCP4728), I wouldn’t say no! :grinning:

I can’t say how quickly I might pluck up the courage to tackle the CV out though… :nerd_face: which I don’t actually need for my project, but might see as a challenge for the good of humankind - I’m actually not that “PC” so I actually prefer “mankind” but I might get my knuckles rapped for that… :grinning:

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Follow the other thread for progress on mounting. I have hardware (and too many years experience of soldering) so am just awaiting confirmation on layout. I disagree though - we should shield the great unwashed from the skills of the engineer and only enlighten the worthy :wink:.


Yes I suppose we should maintain that look of awe from the “great unwashed” when wielding our hot irons to magically melt metal alloy.

BTW - Still waiting for my delivery of the ADS1115 module from the “UK” seller on Ebay…Grrr! The soldering iron may waste away through lack of use…



The description of the Zynaptic Module hasn’t actually been been changed perhaps?

Personally I think it should be…

"The Zynaptik Module v3 includes the circuitry for the 3 standard MIDI ports (IN/OUT/THRU), soldered and ready to work.

If you buy and fit (requires soldering) an optional Zynaptic Expander Kit, it will implement analog input/output and also extra digital input/output."

Btw - if the offer of the Zynaptic Expander still stands… :wink:

Edited for rong spilling…blooming speel chocker! :grin:

It’s already fixed like this:

The Zynaptik Module includes the circuitry for the 3 standard MIDI ports (IN/OUT/THRU), totally soldered and ready to work. It also includes extra circuitry (not soldered and parts not included) for implementing analog input/output and extra digital intput/output. There is a “Expander Kit” that include the extra parts for this.