Zynaptik Expander Kit available on zynthian shop

Hi @zynthianers!

I’ve released a little kit for customizing the zynaptik module:

With this little kit you can add the extra features to the zynaptik module:

  • 16 extra digital I/O pins (GPIO => MCP23017)
  • 4 analog input pins (ADC => ADS1115)
  • 4 analog output pins (DAC => MCP2348)

The software implementation is quite advanced and currently you can:

  • Use the I/O pins as extra switches, assigning to CUIA or MIDI events
  • Use the 4 analog inputs as CV, assigning to MIDI events (CC, Pitch-Bend or ChanPress)

I’m working for improving the CV/Gate implementation and very soon you could use the digital pins as Gate In/Out. The DAC (CV-out) remains unimplemented until now.

Take a look to:

I would like to not being the only one testing these features … :pleading_face: