How do I save a sound so that it’s instantly available?

I want to save sounds I create and save them. A
snapshot isn’t what I after, as it’s not instantly recallable/available, and there is a lag
I’d like to be able to use the Zynthian for live work but currently this is seems impossible. I need to access sounds quickly and easily from a single screen with no lag or knob twiddles…can the Zynthinan do this?

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You could use SubSnapshots (ZS3s):

ZS3s are easily learned to PAD buttons that most keyboard/controllers have (MIDI Program Change messages) and recall them very fast (about 1 second). If you have a v4 kit, the S1-S4 buttons can do the task.
On “Stage Mode”, you can store 127 subsnapshots per snapshot. On “Multi-timbral” mode you can store 127 subsnapshots per MIDI channel!