How do I store and use Surge presets?

I have created some Surge presets (fxp files) through the Surge gui and would like to store them on Zynthian so that they are available in the preset menu of the Surge synthesizer engine when loaded via the Zynthian UI (without the Surge guif).
How can this be achieved ? The internal preset manager seems to only work for lv2 presets.

For most of the synths, uploading thre native preset using the web-ui converts it to an lv2 preset. Can’t remember if that works for Surge, if it doesn’t then stick an issue in the github.

As @Baggypants wrote, over the web-ui you can select software / LV2 plugins and press Search for new Presets and Plugins

But I tested add presset for Surge which I prepared on PC. In this case I obtain this error.

The way we created the initial presets was to run Surge on an workstation with jalv.gtk and used the menu to save the lv2 preset, then copied it to the zynth. If you know what I’m talking about then do that, otherwise file a bug GitHub - zynthian/zynthian-issue-tracking: Centralized Issue Tracking for Zynthian Project

Hi @catherder !

Sorry, importing FXB or FXP files is only supported for a few engines and Surge it’s not one of them.

Why not saving the presets on LV2 format directly? If you are using the native GUI with VNC, you can do it easily from the menu “presets” on the topbar of GUI’s window.

The right folder to save the presets is:


After that, simply click “search for new plugins & presets” from the webconf’s LV2 panel and restart the zynthian. I know this workflow is sub-optimal. I’m thinking about how to improve it …